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AidaForm Online Form Builder Review


AidaForm Online Form Builder Review: When you are trying to create an online form for your website but don’t really know much about HTML code, odds are you may feel a bit lost. While it is true that there are ‘readymade’ forms available with code that you can copy and paste, in most cases you will still need to customize the fields and design – which requires HTML and CSS.

AidaForm Online Form Builder Review

If you would like an easier option, you should try AidaForm. It is an online form builder platform that is free, user-friendly, and will let you build custom forms of your own without writing any code whatsoever.

A Graphical Form Builder

The main advantage of AidaForm is the fact that it will provide you with a graphical form builder that you can use to construct your form. All you need to do is add blocks for various fields and arrange them in the order that you want.

Despite its simple approach, AidaForm is extremely versatile and you can create any type of form that you require using it. From short contact forms or email sign-up forms, to lengthy surveys, job application forms, or even order forms – there’s really no limit to the types of forms that you can create.

Key Features

Essentially AidaForm’s versatility is due to its wide range of features. With some of its key features you will be able to:

  • Select a template for the type of online form that you want to create and then customize it further as required.
  • Add in a variety of different types of fields including radio buttons, lists, file uploads, CAPTCHA, Google Maps, Paypal payments, and so on.
  • Use themes to quickly stylize your form and then customize it if necessary so that it matches your web design more closely.
  • Publish the form easily by either copying and pasting the automatically-generated HTML code or directly linking to the form.
  • Get notifications delivered to you as soon as anyone responds to your forms.
  • Analyze the data gathered via your forms using the visualizations in the web interface, or export the data to view in third-party software such as Excel or Google Sheets.
  • Integrate AidaForm with other services such as MailChimp, or connect it with Dropbox and other platforms via Zapier.

Suffice to say the features in AidaForm will let you create and customize both the structure and design of your online forms to your heart’s content. To be perfectly honest there is really nothing else nearly as user-friendly or versatile as it is, and considering it is free you can try it out and see for yourself what it can do.

It should only take you a few minutes to create your very first online form – so why not start now and give it a go.