A Smooth Spring: As the dark, cold days of winter drift away into the past, we’re greeted with the slightly less dark and slightly less cold days of the spring. And as the freezing cold moves away, we’re more reluctant to take another layer of clothes off. When do we move into our summer dress code, who wants to have bumpy and jagged skin?

A Smooth Spring

Not many of us. People want to have smooth skin, that’s silky and looks vibrant and younger. And of course, we also want a face that complements the warmer weather of the spring. Our skins naturally grow old and as they do, we lose the smoothness, vibrancy, and volume that we once had. Luckily enough, there is a treatment that has the ability to take care of all these tasks and its name is Juvederm NYC residents’ favorite way to restore volume and smoothness to the face.

So what does it do, how does it work and how can you use it to get that perfect spring-ready skin?

The Works

Juvederm is a type of dermal filler, which means it’s a type of injectable compound. When injected it raises skin in certain areas, where the face may have lost a lot of its tightness throughout the years. Examples of these areas include the cheek area, around the forehead and mouth. 

Once injected, the compound raises the skin and tightens it around key areas of the face, which then highlight those beautiful corners and contours that you may have lost throughout the years. These key areas are parts of the face like the cheekbones or jawline, which when protruded, restore some of the face’s most interesting angles. 

In the process, it also smooths out some of the wrinkles in these areas, leaving the skin above smooth. 

Areas of Treatment

Juvederm is famous for being quite easy to use in a large variety of areas all around the face. Obviously, if you’re looking to smooth out skin, then areas with the most wrinkles going to be your primary targets, like the forehead, the area around the mouth that have smile lines, as well as around the eyes, to smooth out the crow’s feet or tighten the skin under the eyes to get rid of the little sacks that like to form.

This is one of Juvederms greatest strengths; to be utilized in many different ways to add vibrancy and youth to the face. Besides smoothing out skin, Juvederm also has a version of the compound which specializes in lip filling, making them look bigger, but retain their natural beauty without giving anything away.

The Procedure

Juvederm being a compound that simply needs to enter certain parts of the face, you would imagine that it’s injectable. This makes the treatment minimally invasive, as it’s just a series of injections without the need to cut open skin.

The major advantage of minimally invasive treatments is that they take very little time to recover from. In fact, the downtime of Juvederm is very short, lasting around a week and with the right care and rest, it could even take less than that.

And when I say “care”, what I really mean is simply avoiding touching and feeling that area too much, as you don’t want to mess up the compound as it gets into position. During the downtime, you’ll feel a few side effects, from dryness, bruising and swelling, to redness and itchiness. The clinic specialists will give you some good advice on what to do and what products to use to mitigate the side effects.

Best of all: the results come around directly after the procedure itself. You can look into the mirror and find a little bit of a difference, though for the full results you may have to wait a little while longer.

As Spring Comes

As we get closer and closer to warmer weather, you’ll probably be spending more time outside with fewer clothes on than you had in the winter. You want your skin to be ready for this time, both in terms of smoothness but also strength and vigor. Which is why it’s the perfect season to try out Juvederm

And as spring comes closer and closer, so do some very good deals on the treatments. If you happen to live in a big city like NYC, you’re in great luck, as the treatment is widely available across many clinics. The best part about this is that with greater supply and more competition among the clinics, Juvederm becomes much cheaper for clients who’re looking to get a good bargain on the treatment. 

This is one of the advantages of living in the big city: you’re in the epicenter of the beauty industry competition and all the spoils of war are yours to take. It’s just a matter of being opportune and finding the right time to go and the right place to pick out. And if it’s the right place that’s holding you back from getting treated, then allow me to introduce you to PLACEHOLDER and their Juvederm NYC treatment plan.

Their professional staff will ensure that you get the exact spring makeover that you hope to see in the mirror and thanks to their high tech clinic, with all the conveniences modern technology could offer at their disposal, the treatment will go by like a breeze, with you barely feeling anything throughout. 

So if this sounds like something you’re interested in trying out, then don’t hesitate to visit their website to get a little more in-depth information on their springtime deals on Juvederm and many other treatments in their catalog. But remember to check up with your medical professional before signing up for Juvederm or any other treatment out there.

And as spring gets closer, remember to take proper care of your body and skin. Sure Juvederm can do a lot to help your skin smoothness, but when it comes down to the most fundamental aspects of skincare, it’s really your healthy habits that make the biggest difference.