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Tennis accessories that will help me win more matches


Last updated on January 16th, 2023 at 05:46 pm

The way we love tennis is incredible and even more likable when players produce such high-class and high-intense matches. The tournaments, the players, and the legacy have taken the sports to new heights. Tennis is a unique sport. The matches can only last for half a half-an-hour or they can prolong all beyond the three-hour mark. Your match can be scheduled in the drowning lights of the sun or the blazing glistening bright sunlight. You can be asked to play in the blazing hot summer or perhaps in the cool breeze of winter. You have to be prepared for every situation. And you might even want to consider vegan sport gear for a greater impact on the environment. 

Tennis accessories

We look at some of the tennis accessories that you need to have in your tennis bag to be ready for whatever the situation may be.

Extra set of shirts and shorts

Whether you are playing tennis in the hot summer season, spring season, or winter season, whether you are playing tennis on a hard court, clay court, or grass court, one thing is guaranteed, and that is you’ll be sweating. And quite a lot especially in the hot summer season. So it is always helpful to have some extra sets of shirts and shorts in your tennis bag.

It is not always ideal to play with some sticky, wet, heavy-shirt wearing on in the intense ending moments of the match, it is always good to put on a nice and cool, sweat-free fresh t-shirt from your tennis bag. Though you’ll be needing a shirt more than shorts you never know what happened and you don’t want to be short-less on the court.


Towel to wipe out your sweat from the heated environment and heated rallies. You don’t want to lose your cool because you are blinded by your own sweat and lose the crucial point, can you? It is always advisable to wipe out your face after every point and start each point with a clear vision.

Headband and wristband

Headbands and wristbands play the role to stop your sweat from getting to your face, eyes, and hands. Just imagine you lost your racquet in tight third set because your hand was too sweaty or you lose the break point opportunity because your sight was blurred by your sweat. You’ll be the most annoyed person on the tennis court and might further affect the outcome of the game. Wear headbands and wristbands to play restriction-free.

Caps and visors

Whichever side you choose, you have to serve looking into the blazing sun on a hot summer day when played at the noon. Even professional players have suffered playing in extreme hot conditions or serving while directly looking into the sun. Not guaranteed that you’ll be 100% protected from the glistening rays of the sun but still, caps and visors can help you while playing on a tennis court on a hot blazing day.

Energy drinks and energy bars

Playing tennis means you’ll be losing your energy and if you are playing in hot conditions that means you’ll be losing your energy pretty fast. It is always advisable to keep plenty of rehydrating fluids in your tennis bag and some energy bars so that you are not down because of unconscious or dehydration. 

Extra grips

Again, it is good to have some extra grips in your bag. Grips can get wet on a hot day and having a new set of grips will allow you to put on a new tennis overgrip every time you feel uncomfortable but first learn how to put a new grip on a tennis racquet? The same goes for a tennis racquet dampener. If you use a tennis racquet dampener, make sure you have an extra in the bag so whenever you lose one, you have an extra dampener with you. Although these grips are great for tennis, they are also great for Pickleball grips and Badminton grips

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