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7 Garage Maintenance Tips You Should Know


7 Garage Maintenance Tips You Should Know: It is crucial to keep your garage in good shape; otherwise, problems such as leaks and rusting will come up. Most garage owners are very lazy about their garages. They do not think of it as a vital part of the house, but this is a mistake.

Keeping this introduction short, let’s directly jump to the context and explore the seven tips that can help keep your garage as healthy as your car.

Here are some tips that will help you maintain your garage better

1. Greasing the Door

Sounds basic, right? As you might already know, garage doors (and other metal parts) are prone to rust. If you do not maintain them properly, they will rust and get damaged.

The first step towards keeping your door in good condition is thoroughly greasing it after every washer or once a year (whichever is earlier). It only takes fifteen minutes to do so.

Not greasing the garage will definitely lead to rusting, which can be a little expensive. However, if you live in Fairfax, check down this best garage door repair in Fairfax VA, and get it fixed.

2. Cleaning the floor properly

The floor is another part of your garage that requires cleaning. You should sweep it out every day and use some mild detergent to remove dirt stains. If you have a wooden floor in your garage, be sure to keep it clean by using a mop after every washer.

If you have a concrete floor, you should always keep it dry and clean because damp floors can lead to problems such as mold formation.

If the water level is low in your yard, do not leave the doors open unless all the water has evaporated. Leaving them open could expose them to moisture, which will create rust.

Tip: Use a firm (not harsh) cleaning liquid and get rid of the bacteria on the floor.

3. Preventing cracks in the garage floor

Another problem can arise if you are not careful with your garage’s floor. When temperature changes, it could cause cracks on the floor of your garage.

These cracks will become bigger over time. Do not use harsh chemicals to clean the garage to avoid this situation since they can corrode and damage the floor material.

Harsh chemicals are usually sold for cheap in local markets, just avoid them and use a renowned brand. You can seal the cracks using white cement since it can shrink after drying, healing the cracks.

4. Throwing away drywall

If you have a leak in your garage, the chances are that there will be water on your ceiling or wall as well. This can lead to problems like mold formation and the rotting of wood (if any).

That is why you should check such surfaces every week since the leaking water can corrode the drywall. Keep a garbage bag handy, and throw away any drywall that is found to be damaged or moldy.

5. Fixing the structure of your garage

This might sound strange at first, but it actually makes sense. You should check if there are any loose parts in your garage or the garage door. If any are found, you should tighten them so that they do not come loose with time and fall off.

6. Install a dehumidifier

If you want to save a lot of repairing money, the best thing you can do is install a dehumidifier. It does not have to be very expensive. You can get one for less than $80, even if you live in Fairfax, just order one from homedepot or amazon.

A dehumidifier can help remove excess moisture during summer, which is harmful since moisture can result in rusting of cars, tools, doors, and other metallic parts that are prone to rust.

7. Get rid of the insulation

Insulation is another important aspect of your garage. If you have more than three inches of thick insulation, you should get rid of it because it could be trapping moisture inside the walls and roof.

This will let mold develop in wet conditions. Instead, it makes sense to replace the insulation with fiberglass since it is easy to clean and does not trap moisture for too long.

Wrapping Up

When you follow these tips, your garage will work effectively. You will reduce the probability of unnecessary repairs and other hassles that come up due to lack of maintenance. The best thing is that it does not take a lot of time or effort to maintain your garage in good shape.