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Zit Problems? The Acne Patch Promises A Quick Solution


Zit Problems? The Acne Patch Promises A Quick Solution: There is nothing that can trigger insecurities more than an acne breakout. While acne is a naturally-occurring skin condition that occurs when follicles in the skin are blocked by oil and dead skin cells, people tend to react negatively when a breakout happens. 

Zit Problems? The Acne Patch Promises A Quick Solution

Luckily with the help of modern technology, people no longer resort to popping pimples to remove the acne. In recent years, Korean beauty innovators are introducing a brand-new product that can help in eradicating acne: the acne patch.

What this small acne patch does is, it absorbs the fluid from the pimple, making the area where the pimple once was, flat and blemish-free. The effectivity of the acne patch becomes apparent when it turns white, and it begins to expand as it starts to absorb fluid. The main selling point of using the acne patch is the stress-free eradication of the pimple. 

A Global Trend

To say the rise in the popularity of the acne patch is tremendous can be a bit of an understatement. According to an article published by Vox, acne patches are among the top 100 beauty, and personal care best-seller lists on Amazon and the demand for it continues to rise. Retail stores such as Target are starting to sell acne patches in the beauty sections, enticing people to deal with their acne problems in a safer way.

According to studies, acne problems are hard to treat, and sometimes, specific medications are required. What entices people to the acne patch is the promise of quickly solving their acne problems without spending too much on medical fees. 

The acne patch first became popular in Asia and was able to reach the western shores as the popularity of Korean pop skyrockets. 

Does An Acne Patch Work?

It is not the first time that a specific product for acne problems emerges, however. As early as the 1980s, some ointments and pads are available in the market as an answer to the demand for an easy pimple fix. As a new decade arrives, brands start to employ celebrities to endorse dermatological products specific to removing acne.

But the acne patch itself is not an entirely new creation. The main material in the acne patch is the hydrocolloid dressings, which are common in hospital bandages and blister pads. This material is responsible for extracting fluid from the acne and speeds up the recovery of the skin by keeping it moist. 

Dermatologists explain that for hydrocolloid dressing to be effective, users should place it in an open lesion. That is why the acne patch is most effective if the pimple has undergone picking. However, dermatologists counter-argue that putting acne patches on the skin can help in preventing people from picking on their pimples, as it can cause further damage. 

How Does It Work For You?

Even though the acne patch is pretty much useless for blackheads and whiteheads, they can help in the restoration of the skin and remove blemishes with the ingredients like salicylic acid. The acid patch can also help in preventing further acne growth.

Because of its effectiveness, people are lining up for the acne patch. Some even include these acne patches in their facial cleansing regimen

Originally, the acne patch is just a plain patch but, nowadays, companies put different ingredients that can help in the rejuvenation of the skin. For instance, tea tree oils and other essential oils prevent drying and flaking. 

Acne patches come in different shapes, and sizes and some companies even offer self-dissolving ones. Although dermatologists explain that it cannot help in completely eradicating pimples, the acne patch offers a boost in a person’s self-esteem. 

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