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Greek Bon Viveur Zachos Hadjifotiou Died Aged 99


According to reports, Zachos Hatzifotiou Died in hospital from a terrible disease. It is a terrible loss for his friends, admirers, family and friends.

The news about Zachos Hatzifotiou’s death broke on the internet, social media and television. All readers and well-wishers were shocked to learn that Zachos Hatzifotiou has died.

He would have written a wonderful story with the classy touch and emotion that no generation will ever have again.

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Who Was Zachos Hatzifotiou?

Zachos Hatzifotiou has been called to be the greatest magician of words in all of human history. He had written many stories.

Zachos Hatzifotiou was from Psara (the Greek Island of The Aegean Sea). He was born in Plaka on the 28th September 1923.

After the Turkish people destroyed Plaka, Zachos Hatzifotiou was moved to Plaka, Athens. Zachos Hatzifotiou had graduated from the Experimental School of Athens.

Zachos Hatzifotiou was also a soldier in the military operations. Zachos Hatzifotiou was the first soldier of the Desert Pontiacs during the siege at Tobruk.

Later, Zachos Hatzifotiou was the 3rd Mountain Brigade in Rimini. After the wars ended, Zachos Hatzifotiou began to work with his family in the textile industry by the year 1956.

Zachos Hatzifotiou worked hard until he was old enough to be alive.

How Did Zachos Hatzifotiou Die?

Sources claim that Zachos Hatzifotiou had been suffering from a chronic, long-term illness for some time.

The disease took him out of his life, leaving behind his family, friends and admirers with deep sorrow. According to some reports, Zachos Hatzifotiou was admitted at the NIMTS hospital.

Everyone was shocked by the sudden death of Zachos Hatzifotiou. Nothing will ever be able to bring him back. All the words Zachos Hatzifotiou ever used will keep the writer-magician in him alive for many more years.

And maybe, he will be around until his words are read by others. May the soul and memory of Zachos Hatzifotiou rest in peace.

Zachos Hatzifotiou age

He was born on 28 September 1923. He was 99 years old at the time of death.

Zachos Hatzifotiou as author

He was the author of the books “Ta en iko… en Dimo”, “Consciousness is for sale”, “It’s cloudy in Mykonos too”, “Always on Sunday”, “Iakhos and I”, “100 broadcasts”, “Humor and painting”, ” The Paths of War” and others.

Zachos Hatzifotiou popularity

Zachos Hatzifotiou was more well-known for his five-minute television social critique. He also became a cosmographer and a “bon vivre” with many fond memories of Athenian life. He could speak English, French and Arabic.

Zachos Hatzifotiou education

He graduated from the Experimental School of the University of Athens.

Zachos Hatzifotiou marital life: His story with five marriages and five divorces

He was married five times, and had two divorces. His dowry? One daughter, three grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Many women, both famous, blue-blooded, and movie stars, passed through his life. Jenny Karezi was one of them, whom he married in 1962 after a four-month relationship.

He married his first wife, a Frenchwoman who was the daughter a general.

Her father wanted Zachos Hatzifotiou to be included in the French army. He didn’t want it. She tried to convince him until he couldn’t bear it any longer and ended up breaking up with her father’s daughter.

He married Danai Sossidis as soon as the divorce proceedings were over. Danai Sossidis was a scion from the Kyros family and owned “Estia”, a newspaper that he had started at just 27 years old.

Danae Sossidis and Manita had a daughter. Many years later, she gave him Dorothea Paschalidou his first granddaughter. She was a Hollywood film producer.

He was a journalist and writer who traveled a lot to France. His third marriage took places in Paris.

Danae was followed by Irene, his third wife. She was a Frenchwoman who worked at Dior. He married Jenny Karezis. Jenny, as he said, besieged him when he was with his French wife.

He stated in an interview that Jenny Karezi had separated him from Irene, the princess. He was a maniac… He took a plane without a theater every Monday and came to me for a night, so the princess would be aware.

Jenny Karezi’s marriage was very adventurous. Aliki Vougiouklakis claimed it at the same time. However, the journalist believed that Karezi had a more beautiful appearance and was not interested in the gorgeous blonde actress.

500 people were invited to Karezi’s wedding ceremony, but at least 55,000 guests came without invitations.

His fifth marriage was with Katerina Papadimitriou (Miss Hellas) in Mykonos.

He made revelations years later about his love life, such as being with Mimi Denise two years and calling her “Nice guy…orchard”

These successes, and his turbulent marriages, lasted two to three years. But they maintained good relations since he said that:

“My marriages lasted between 2 and 3 years. We exchanged gifts and had parties with our wives when we split.

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