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Your Guide to Residential Care Facilities For The Elderly


Residential Care Facilities For The Elderly

Older adults are more active today than any generation before them. Nevertheless, even the most independent may reach a point where they need help to remain independent and comfortable. For many seniors and families, residential care facilities offer an ideal solution.

Sometimes called adult care homes, the facilities provide seniors with necessary help in a home-like setting. Smaller than assisted living facilities, residential homes vary widely, but they all provide high-level personal care. It’s essential to do your research before deciding on a facility.

Senior Living Options Vary

Several living choices are available for older adults who can no longer live at home due to age-related issues. Unless seniors can arrange for in-home care, their best option is to move to a facility that offers the services best suited to their circumstances. For most older adults, that means transitioning to a nursing home, assisted living community, or residential care facility.  

Communities like Sholom assisted living facilities offer vibrant settings designed to provide the care residents need while allowing them as much independence as possible. Assisted living is best for those who need help but still want an active physical and social life in a high-energy environment.

Residential care facilities are smaller and have a more home-like setting. Many are located in or near residential areas. The National Institute on Aging states that many homes have fewer than 20 residents. Each person receives personal care and may have a private or semi-private room. Facilities offer 24-hour care but not on-site medical staff. 

Residential care is an excellent choice for many seniors, but evaluate the services and amenities offered before selecting a facility. Ensure it is the best fit for your needs.  

Residential Care Services

Consider what amenities and services you want when deciding on a residential care facility. An adult home is a good choice for seniors who need help with personal needs but not routine medical care. Most homes provide:

  • Home-cooked meals
  • Medication management 
  • Transportation 
  • Planned activities and outings 
  • Housekeeping and laundry services 

Unlike an assisted living community, residential care provides a more low-key environment, fewer choices, and a much less robust recreational program. It might not be the best fit for an older adult who is very vigorous and enjoys a wide range of activities. 

Amenities can be surprisingly important to seniors’ overall well-being. For example, VeryWell Health says that communities offering beauty and barber shops provide a better sense of well-being because residents take pride in looking their best. 

Who Does Well in Residential Care?  

Residential care facilities typically have between two and ten residents and provide a “homey” atmosphere. They are designed to meet the needs of each resident and have a fairly quiet atmosphere. 

Seniors who value their independence and do best in small groups will enjoy a residential home setting. The facilities are also good for anyone needing high-level care, such as those dealing with memory loss.  

For many older adults, residential home care is an option that allows them to transition easily from home to group living. Some people are more comfortable in a home-like setting than in a larger community. 

Nursing homes, residential homes, and assisted living communities offer solutions for seniors who can no longer live in their homes. Residential care homes are often the best choice for older adults who need a high level of care but want to remain as independent as possible. The facilities offer crucial services and amenities but are less highly energized than bigger communities. It can be easier for seniors to transition from home to residential care, which feels more familiar than a big community.

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