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Meru the Succubus: A Fantasy Animation About a Demoness in Love

Who is Meru the Succubus? An Animated Fantasy Series

Meru the Succubus: A Review

Meru the Succubus is an animated series created by Skuddbutt and based on an original character by meru.

It follows Meru, an evil demon succubus who wants revenge against a priest who stripped her of her powers.

She must find an appropriate human host so she can possess their life force permanently; Tyler fits this bill at Mira’s school where they both attend together.

However, Meru’s plans become complicated by Erica who suspects her true identity as well as other students and staff who interfere in her erotic schemes.

So far, Skuddbutt’s series consists of five episodes that run approximately 10 minutes long each and are available on his website and Patreon23. Each episode carries an R rating for sexual content, nudity, language use and violence.

What attracts me to Meru the Succubus?

Meru the Succubus is an engaging series that mixes comedy, action and romance into an enjoyable adventure series.

The animation is bright and lively with expressive characters interacting in colorful environments; voice acting was performed admirably with Meru being voiced by Nyanners a popular YouTuber and streamer; music and sound effects perfectly fit the series’ mood and tone;

The series also boasts plenty of humor and fanservice, with Meru’s antics often leading to comical situations and reactions.

Furthermore, this show does not shy away from showing her seductive and playful personality, along with her demonic powers and abilities.

Additionally, it contains some heartwarming moments between Meru and Tyler, who develop an authentic friendship despite their differences.

This series has many intriguing themes and messages, such as exploring the nature of good and evil, love and friendship’s power, as well as their effects.

Meru’s backstory and motivation, her relationship with Mira as hostess, as well as any larger plot involving supernatural forces which could pose threats against her are explored as well.

Who is Meru the Succubus? An Animated Fantasy Series

Q: Who Is Meru?

A: Meru is a demon succubus cursed by a priest to lose her powers unless she could find an appropriate human host in which to permanently inhabit. She can be mischievous, sexual and malicious but also loyal, caring and curious – making Meru an intriguing figure indeed!

Q: Who Is Tyler?

A: Tyler is a shy and nerdy boy who attends Mira’s school. He’s kind, smart and gentle but can also be insecure and timid – making him Meru’s ideal target of acquisition, yet also love interest.

Erica is Tyler’s classmate and close friend; she suspects Meru of her true identity and attempts to expose her. Erica can be described as nosy and bossy while remaining determined and brave at times; at other times she can also be arrogant and stubborn.

Q: Who Is Mira?

A: Mira is an innocent young girl who serves as Meru’s current host body and mind. Currently unaware of Meru’s presence within, Mira remains friendly, cheerful and helpful; although at times she may seem unaware. She may seem clueless.

Q: Who Is Skuddbutt?

A: Skuddbutt is the creator of Meru the Succubus. An animator, artist and musician by trade, Skuddbutt creates original and fan-made content via his website and Patreon2.