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When to Buy Cryptocurrency?


When to Buy Cryptocurrency?: Many investors decide to purchase cryptocurrency quickly during its active growth, believing that the price will continue to increase. But when the value suddenly starts to fall, they get frustrated. Such situations in the cryptocurrency market are not uncommon. Let’s try to figure out how to approach the timing of buying a cryptocurrency in order to minimize the risks of unsuccessful investments!

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What Is the Best Time to Buy BTC with Visa?

Cryptocurrencies, in general, are a very profitable asset for investments, since the rapid development of the market with the growth of capitalization of leading coins increases the chances of investors to make good profits in the future. However, many investors face short-term setbacks by buying currencies at the wrong time. This is especially true for the purchase of unpopular and not so reliable cryptocurrencies.

Generally speaking, the best moment to purchase a particular cryptocurrency is the time when its value is at a minimum within the range of the standard rate change, but at the same time, there is a tendency for the price to increase above the maximum threshold for a given coin.

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As in any traditional market, the course on the crypto market is constantly changing. Most often, these fluctuations do not exceed 7%, and these exchange rate changes themselves are called a correction. This is often the result of trader manipulation and other factors.

If the value of the coin has fallen by 5-7% and does not continue to decline further, then this moment may well be considered suitable for buying this cryptocurrency. It is ideal if the cryptocurrency not only does not continue to fall but even shows a slight increase, for example, by 0.1%.

Stronger course changes, as a rule, are the result of a strong influence of external factors and the use of the so-called pumping scheme (Pump & Dump). A pump is an artificial overvaluation, and a dump is an intentional price reduction. Sometimes the use of this scheme causes fluctuations in excess of 25%. If the capitalization of some little-known cryptocurrencies is small, then the pump can increase their value by 40%, and their price can even decrease by 80%.

Popular and reliable cryptocurrencies with a large capitalization usually fast regain lost positions after a dump, and therefore it is profitable to buy them at the maximum price reduction. The price of less popular and reliable cryptocurrencies may continue to fall due to the loss of confidence, and you need to be careful with them.

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To choose the best moment to buy cryptocurrencies, you should follow several rules. First, you don’t need to let your emotions drive important decisions. The second rule follows from the first rule – collect information. To avoid emotional decisions and have at least some chance of a correct forecast, you need to familiarize yourself with all the facts about the cryptocurrency of interest.

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