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What to expect when you go for water purifier service?


Last updated on May 17th, 2021 at 02:27 pm

When it comes to getting a water purifier serviced, we somehow always seem to miss the deadline. Mostly, it happens because we are not well-informed enough about what goes on inside the purifier unit or because of the absence of a user manual with clear instructions about when the servicing is due and what silent cues to look for.

What to expect when you go for water purifier service?

However, if you invest in a good brand like HUL’s Pureit, you would receive proper education about how to take care of your water purification system in the form of guides, blogs, and other product-related content on their website. 

You have invested in a water purifier so that you can be free from chemicals, germs, and other contaminants. Your water purifier is only as good as its working parts. What is the point if you ignore the service timetable suggested for your purifier unit? You are simply setting up the unit for failure. 

When you consume tap water, you at least know what to be wary of. When you drink from a water purifier that is not serviced on time, you don’t even know what to be wary of. So, make sure you explicitly ask about the servicing timetable when you make the purchase itself. If it is an established brand like Hindustan Unilever Limited, they would advise you to go for an annual maintenance contract that covers the costs of most parts and the general servicing costs as well. Not for nothing do they suggest that it helps you by providing the ultimate peace of mind. In most cases, the service personnel are just a call away.

Cues to look for to call the water purifier service

Your water purifier may look like it is functioning well but do watch out for cues that require your immediate attention such as water leakage, malfunctioning of the unit, bad taste /odor, or the sudden slowing of your water output. 

If you are using a membrane-based purifier like an RO water purifier, then it is paramount that you get the membrane get checked and/or replaced from time to time as the last thing you want is the membrane to get choked because of a high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) quotient of your water, and become a breeding ground for more germs than what your water supply originally had.

To continue to enjoy the chemical- and germ-free water that brings out the taste in your food and beverages better, we suggest that you watch out for the above cues. In cases where there is a rapid deterioration of the odor and taste of the output water, you need to investigate a little more by checking the TDS levels of your input water as it might suggest contamination of your water supply. In case your water purifier is not meeting your purification requirements, it is better to replace it with a reliable water purifier from a good brand so that you don’t fall ill.

A stitch in time saves nine. Getting the parts of your water purification unit cleaned and serviced at the right time will ensure that your purifier will last longer. Also, consider the benefit that a maintenance contract will provide in terms of supplying original parts without giving you a run-around. So, not only is a good servicing contract a good investment for your health but also for the lifetime of the appliance you are using. 

The Coronavirus has affected almost every facet of our lives. We are battling it every day and getting adjusted to the new normal it demands out of us. Water purifier service of companies like Pureit have proven to be quite resilient in these matters by training their existing installation and service staff for contact-less and safe servicing sessions. Here are a few steps Pureit has taken to minimize the spread of the virus:

Mandatory use of gloves and masks

All the service personnel are trained and mandated to use gloves and masks not only during the servicing sessions but also while traveling.

Regular sanitization of hands

All the service personnel are trained to use sanitizers before the servicing session and right after to ensure the best service to their customers.

Daily temperature screening

All the service personnel are advised to get a medical check-up if they find themselves suffering from flu-like symptoms or register a fever. Besides, all of them are screened for their temperature at the facility.

Social distancing with no contact

All the service personnel are trained to maintain social distancing under all circumstances according to the WHO guidelines.

Regular training on best hygiene practices

All the service personnel are trained to follow the best practices of respiratory hygiene, the proper method, and frequency of washing hands and also advised on how to identify Covid-19 symptoms.

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