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What is Record Store Day?


Do you love celebrating independent record stores? If so, you might want to participate in Record Store Day! This special holiday has been set aside to acknowledge and support the work of thousands of independent record store owners and employees. These people work around the clock to bring you the music and unique culture you love!

What is Record Store Day?

But what is Record Store Day, exactly, and how can you participate?

Below, we’ll go into everything you need to know about this special day, including how you can use it to support your favourite store. Keep reading to learn more!

Origins of Record Store Day

When music migrated to the internet, physical album sales began to decline. This marked the end of a significant era: many people no longer went to music stores to buy their favourite tunes.

Still, record stores provide a culture and sense of community not easily replicated online. In these spaces, people could shop for what they wanted while interacting with others and talking about their music tastes. Black-owned record stores served especially important roles. They gave African American people a place for respect and socialization in otherwise turbulent decades.

Today, record stores still have value, as owners curate albums and create a communal space. In 2007, a group of owners and employees started it in an attempt to spread knowledge about the unique culture of their shops. The first Record Store Day took place the next year.

Record Store Day Activities

So, what can you do on Record Store Day?

Many shops feature a wide variety of activities. Common festivities include performances, meet-and-greets with artists, cookouts, body painting, DJs playing music, and even parades.

You will also have the opportunity to browse the record store’s collection and perhaps find your favourite new vinyl. Some labels even slate some of their releases for Record Store Day, so make sure you check for new albums from your favourite artists!

For the past few years, 60% of these releases have come from independent labels. So, if you buy a new release on Record Store Day, your money might support both an independently-owned store and an indie music company.

The musicians featured on Record Store Day range from local artists to international stars. Metallica, Brandi Carlile, Pearl Jam, and more have all attended Record Store Day events, meaning you might just run into your favourite musicians. To learn whose performing at your local shop, check with the store!

Which Stores Participate in Record Store Day?

Want to know which shops are participating in Record Store Day 2021?

The United States has more than 1,400 independent record stores, and many of them join in on the Record Store Day festivities. Not in the U.S.? Don’t worry! it happens all around the world, too. If you want to see if a shop near you is on the Record Store Day 2021 list, check out the participating stores at recordstoreday.com!

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Record Store Day gives people around the globe the chance to celebrate the record stores that have served their communities.

By doing so, they help these independent stores keep their doors open in the digital age. They also have the opportunity to take part in unique, music-related activities and meet other music lovers. 

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