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What happened to Vivian Ramnarace? John Ramnarace Wife Death Cause


It is sad to announce that Vivian Ramnarace died and her husband, John Ramnarace, died on the Eve in the New Year 2022.

This news is attracting a lot attention because she was John Ramnarace’s wife. The news has been trending on social media, and many mourn her passing.

She is the latest loss in the Ramnarace clan. We will share more information about her, as well as discuss other topics that relate to this incident in this article.

Sources indicate that she was the wife John Rommarace. Her death occurred in the exact spot where her husband and brother were shot to death.

She died at Western Regional Hospital (WRH) just before 08:00 PM. Her death is attributed to cardiac problems. A blood clot also caused her heart attack.

She died after all resuscitation efforts failed to save her. After the shooting incident, she was taken to the hospital.

She was later released. Her death was primarily due to blood lot. There is not much information available about her death.

What happened to Vivian Ramnarace?

The fatal shooting that took her husband’s life occurred at the exact same spot where she also died.

A shooter entered the yard, began shooting at David, then turned around and started shooting at Vivian and him. He and David died in the shooting incident.

His wife, Vivian, was also injured by six gunshots. She was hospitalized after the shooting incident in which her brother and husband died.

She also had to undergo life-saving surgery as she had been injured in that accident. Kaitlyn, her 5-year-old girl, is now her only child.

When blood clots are discussed, they are gel-like clumps made of blood. This is helpful when they form after injury and stops bleeding. Elmer Nah, a police officer, has been charged with the shooting.

The investigation continues and investigators continue to search for more information. He is now 39 years old. The investigation is ongoing.

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