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What Happened to Fetty Wap Daughter Lauren Maxwell?


During his Rolling Loud performance last week, Fetty Wap dedicated his set to his daughter Lauren Maxwell. Turquoise Miami, Turquoise’s mother posted an emotive message to Instagram shortly after.

But now, reports have emerged that Fetty’s daughter died from a fatal cardiac arrhythmia. TMZ reports that Fetty’s daughter had suffered from this health problem since birth.

Was fetty orphaned?

There were earlier reports about the death of Lauren Maxwell, Fetty Wap’s child. Turquoise Miami confirmed the heartbreaking news on Saturday, July 31.

TMZ reports that the death certificate of the 4-year old revealed she had died due to a fatal heart arrhythmia from complications associated with congenital cardiac abnormalities.

The death certificate of the 4-year-old is very detailed and lists her entire medical history including any previous cardiac conditions she had and all medications she took.

In the wake of her daughter’s tragic death, Fetty has been receiving tons of support from celebrities like Mike Tyson and Steve Aoki.

Fetty dedicated his performance to his daughter during a Rolling Loud show last month.

Although it is clear the rapper has suffered a lot, he still tries to focus his attention on his family. Lauren was even the subject of a song he dedicated.

What happened to Fetty’s daughter?

Earlier this summer, rumors started swirling online that Fetty Wap’s daughter died.

Although the mother of Lauren Maxwell, Lisa Pembroke and Fetty Wap have paid respects to her on social media, it is not clear what caused her death.

TMZ recently published a report about Lauren’s death that said she passed away from complications of congenital cardiac anomalies.

According to the website, Lauren had a heart problem since she was born and it was the irregular heartbeat that killed her.

Turquoise Miami, Fetty Wap’s mama has condemned the report. She said that while she shared Lauren Maxwell’s Instagram death certificate earlier in this week, it did not mention any preexisting conditions.

Turquoise wrote an Instagram Story condemning the report hours after TMZ published that Fetty Wap had lost her daughter to cardiac arrhythmia.

This is a condition where the irregular heartbeat can be caused by complications from congenital cardiac abnormalities.

It was “premature” and incorrect news, she said. Lauren Maxwell’s autopsy had not begun yet.

What was the cause of fetty wap daughter’s death?

Earlier this summer, news surfaced that the four-year-old daughter of rapper Fetty Wap and dancer Turquoise Miami had passed away.

Although her cause of death has not been revealed, many fans were devastated and sent their condolences to Turquoise Miami.

A day after the news broke, Fetty Wap shared a heartbreaking tribute to Lauren on Instagram live. Because Lauren loved butterflies, he asked his fans to send him a picture of Lauren.

Although this time is difficult for the entire family, it’s been very heartwarming to witness how celebrities are supporting them.

As the family copes with his loss, Justina Valentine and Steve Aoki have joined hands to support him.

TMZ reports that Lauren Maxwell, Fetty Wap’s daughter, succumbed to a fatal heart arrhythmia caused by complications of congenital cardio anomalies.

While this is a sad and painful piece of information, it’s comforting to know that she suffered from the problem for years before her passing.

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What is the cause of fetty wap daughter’s death?

According to a death certificate, Fetty Wap’s child, Lauren, suffered from fatal congenital heart anomalies complications. TMZ reports that she died at home in Riverdale (Georgia) on June 24, 2018.

Lauren Maxwell was born to Fetty Wap & Turquoise Miami on February 7, 2017. According to reports, she was an extremely special child who put smiles on the faces of her parents.

She had a rare heart defect, but she was otherwise very healthy and was very happy. Despite her illness, she loved to play and spend time with her family.

Turquoise Miami, her mother, posted an insane Instagram story which confirmed Lauren’s death.

Rap-Up magazine reports that she described her as an “amazingly beautiful, brilliant, hilarious, vibrant, lovingly, talented, intelligent, smart, and hardheaded princess Mermaid Aquarius.”

Although it’s an enormous loss, her family will be left with many wonderful memories.

Her parents, along with her many fans around the world will miss her. She was an extraordinary girl.