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What Happened To Christian Eriksen?

What Happened To Christian Eriksen
What Happened To Christian Eriksen

Denmark star Christian Eriksen collapsed on the pitch during the team’s opening Euro 2020 game against Finland, and was resuscitated. The incident was caught on live television and was terrifying for his teammates and fans.

His teammates immediately called for assistance and created a circle around Eriksen to keep him hidden while CPR was performed by the medical personnel.

After a short period of CPR, defibrillation and a couple more minutes, Eriksen was finally conscious.

Inter Milan

Inter Milan is the richest and most well-known club in Serie A. The Curva Nord is a group of passionate fans who wave flags and unfurl banners to support the team.

It was formed in 1918 as a division of the Milan Cricket and Football Clubs (A.C. Milan). The original name of the club was Foot-Ball Club Internazionale.

Its origins were inspired by an desire to welcome both foreign and Italian players.

Christian Eriksen, a Tottenham Hotspur player who joined Inter in 2020, signed a contract for four and a half years to 2024.

His annual salary was $8.5 million, making him one of the most highly-paid players in Serie A.

On June 12, he fell to the ground after falling during Denmark’s first match against Finland. He was saved by life-saving treatments on the pitch.

He is currently fitted with an implantable cardioverter defibrillator, a device that can prevent fatal cardiac arrests by discharging a jolt to restore regular heart rhythm.

He has not played since then, but his agent told Reuters on Thursday that he was back training with the Danish youth team he represented at a previous club.

He is now free to play anywhere else, even though his Inter Milan contract has been terminated.


Christian Eriksen’s story will be a life-altering one. The former Tottenham and Inter Milan midfielder suffered a cardiac arrest while playing for Denmark against Finland in June 2020, and was saved by emergency medical staff on the pitch and in hospital.

He joined Brentford, newly promoted Brentford in January 2022 on a 6-month contract.

The move was an extraordinary one and a chance for the 30-year-old to get back into competitive football at a club with significant financial constraints.

Thomas Frank was his Brentford manager. He knew Frank well and had been his coach in youth. And he wanted to play in the Premier League again.

Eriksen has now signed a new deal with the club, and is ready to play again.

During his time at Brentford, he has been undergoing a string of tests to ensure he is fit to play again, including an electrocardiogram, echocardiogram and MRI scan.

Manchester United

The world was stunned to see Christian Eriksen fall on the pitch last year during Denmark’s Euro 2020 Group game against Finland.

It is hard to believe that Eriksen would return in this international match so quickly.

His team-mates formed a protective ring around him, and he received life-saving treatment on the pitch, before he was resuscitated with an external defibrillator.

Now, Eriksen has been back in the first team for Manchester United and has helped the club to an impressive start under new manager Erik ten Hag.

He is currently sidelined after sustaining an ankle injury during Saturday’s FA Cup victory over Reading.

With Donny van de Beek already out injured, there’s concern over who will fill the midfield gap in place of Eriksen.

However, it looks unlikely that the club will be able to make any significant signings before Tuesday’s transfer deadline.

Heart attack

Christian Eriksen, a Danish footballer suffered a cardiac arrest at Parken Stadium in June 2021. He was immediately revived and taken to the hospital.

The player remains in a stable condition. While he waits for further testing after his Copenhagen collapse, he has sent his teammates greetings.

A variety of factors can cause cardiac arrests, including heart disease and heart inflammation.

But, athletes with underlying issues such as heart disease or hyperactivity can still experience cardiac arrests.

Simon Kjaer, the captain of Denmark was among those who saw what was happening and ran to Eriksen.

Kjaer rushed to Eriksen’s aid and he made sure he was comfortable. Later, he was lauded by his team of doctors for his efforts.

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