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What Did Elle Darby Say in Her Racist Tweets?


What did Elle Darby say after losing followers from social media: After multiple racist messages leaked online, Elle Darby has deleted her Twitter account. On Instagram, the social media star has subsequently apologized for the same. She had made “shameful” racial remarks directed at Poles and Indians.

“Hate [sic] polish people and Indians genuinely,” the 26-year-old had tweeted.

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Who is Elle Darby?

The content producer has a sizable internet following, with over 748k followers on Instagram alone. Darby’s YouTube channel has over 601k subscribers.
The Wiltshire, England native was signed to the Blackberry modelling agency before becoming a YouTuber. She went on to start Angelle Collection, which specialises in candles and loungewear.

What did Elle Darby say in her racist tweets?

Elle, a YouTube family vlogger, has been compelled to apologise over racist messages she sent as a teen.

“I hope this Polish t*** driving my bus this morn who nearly kicked me off cuz I didn’t have my pass crashes,” the influencer tweeted in 2011.

“Why do foreign people follow me?” read another. “I don’t speak your grunts, meatheads,” one remarked, while another replied, “I only despise Poles and Indians.”

“This bus is sweaty and smelled like Indians,” said another.

“I truly miss my laptop,” Elle added. I’m hoping that effin charger from HK (Hong Kong) would arrive soon. Come on, ch***s, you’re getting on my nerves.”

The influencer made fatphobic and hateful statements in other tweets, including using the n-word and implying animal abuse.

Fans flocked to social media to express their displeasure, pointing out that her fiancé, Connor Swift, had used similar abusive language in the past.

Elle Darby apologizes for racist statements on Instagram

Elle Darby apologizes on Instagram stories (Image via Elle Darby/Instagram)

According to Social Blade, Elle Darby’s subscriber count has plummeted drastically as a result of innumerable racist remarks reaching netizens. Since January 1, the internet sensation has lost an average of 130 daily and 930 weekly subscribers.

As the outcry against the influencer grew, she took to Instagram to apologise to her fans. The caption on the Instagram story read:

The 26-year-old concluded her apology by adding they are “beyond angry” with themselves and “just wish for fans’ forgiveness.”

Since then, what has Elle Darby said?

The influencer expressed regret for her previous remarks, and the couple apologised together, stating they were “beyond angry” about themselves.

“Christmas and New Year are generally a time for reflection, and as such we decided to take some time to look through both of our history on social media,” the pair wrote on Instagram.

“We are embarrassed to say that we were disappointed with what we discovered.

“Some of the language used in our very old tweets, in especially over a decade ago, shocked, stunned, and upset both of us.”

“We believe that we all bear responsibility for our own mistakes and should make an effort to accept responsibility for our acts, particularly those that do not reflect well on us.”

“These comments do not reflect who each of us is as grown adults, nor who we were at the time they were made, and do not align with what we stand for,” the post concluded.

“We are furious with ourselves and humiliated that our actions have caused harm to some of you who have long supported our family.”

“All we can ask for is your forgiveness.”

Fans were sceptical, claiming Darby should have known better and that the volume of comments was “shocking and depressing.”

“For her age, she was old enough to not speak such filthy things,” one fan added. It’s not like it’s just a single tweet. That’s not acceptable.”

“It’s not like it’s one or two things she may have written without thinking, there are literally HUNDREDS of disturbing tweets and it’s so sad,” one enraged fan stated.

“I’m truly disgusted,” commented a third, while another wrote, “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

A representative from Elle’s management has been contacted for comment.

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