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Who Are Warren Jeffs Wives and Where Are They Now?


This is everything you need to know regarding Warren Jeffs, the wife of the leader of Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Who are Warren Jeffs Wives and Where Are They Now?

Netflix has added another true-crime documentary, this time focusing on Warren Jeffs, the President of Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

FLDS is a polygamous religion. Warren was convicted in 2011 of two felonies of child sexual assault with sex with a fifteen-year-old girl he had married, and aggravated assault against a child he married at the age of 12.

Warren is believed to have been a leader at the church and had 78 wives under sect rules. According to NPR records, only 54 of these women were older than 17.

Here’s all you need to know about Warren Jeffs and his wives, as Keep Sweet: Pray & Obey is coming to Netflix.

Who are Warren Jeffs’ wives?

Warren’s exact number of wives is not known, but most accounts indicate that he had between 75 and 80 wives.

Before Warren became the leader of FLDS the church was managed by Rulon Jeffs, his father. Rulon was elected leader of FLDS in 1986.

He changed the structure of the church and eliminated the council to make him the sole leader. According to a 2005 NPR Report, Rulon had approximately 75 wives and 65 children including Warren who became his successor.

Warren received the titles of “President, Prophet, Seer, and Revelator” after Rulon’s death in 2002. He was also “President, Priesthood” in the FLDS.

Warren encouraged his widowers to continue as if their father were still alive and they married all except two, according to Newsweek. One of them refused to wed again after being barred and the other who reportedly left the area where they lived.

Naomi Jessop was reportedly one of Rulon’s first wives to marry Warren. According to the Daily Mail, she was also one of his favourite wives and traveled to different parts in the country with him. Merianne, her sister (who was only 12 at the time she married Warren), was also one Warren’s wives.

Warren was not only married to his father’s wife, but he also had many other wives and is believed to have fathered over 50 children according to widely circulated reports.

Warren was convicted in 2007 on two counts of being a accomplice to rape. The defence team called Margaret Thomas, one of Warren’s wives, as well as several members of his religious sect.

That conviction was eventually overturned by the Utah Supreme Court due to erroneous jury instructions.

Other wives include Annie Mae and Nolita Colleen (via VICE), all of whom are part of the polygamous Blackmore families in Canada. They were all taken from Canada to the USA to marry Warren. Millie was only 13 when she married Warren.

Warren was 48 at that time. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Nolita was just 12 years old when she married Warren. Alyshia was only 12.

Where is Warren Jeffs’ wife now?

Warren’s wives were not supportive of him after his sentencing to 20 years plus life, but some stood by him.

His 65th wife Brielle Decker, born Lynette Warner, was released from prison after he was imprisoned. She had fled to escape his father’s wrath at 18 and was forced to marry him.

The Dream Center is a non-profit global sanctuary organization. She now dedicates her time to helping people in need.

Brielle, who was originally Lynette, changed her name to Brielle when she escaped. She met Krystyndecker and the Sound Choices Coalition. This group is dedicated to helping women escape and recover from polygamy.

He acted strangely when I was a small girl. “People from every time I can remember said to me, You’re going marry Warren Jeffs,” she told Fox 10 Phoenix of her marriage to Warren.

Mildred “Millie”, who married Warren when she was 13, is believed to have fled to Canada to a polygamist compound after Warren was released. Her brother Brandon S. Blackmore says that she is still Warren’s loyalist.

Others have also stayed at FLDS compound including two former brides who were caught trying to smuggle contraband into him while visiting Texas prison, where he is currently in incarceration.

The Associated Press reported that another wife of his was denied entry after a metal detector detected something in her hair. She left the facility before prison officials could determine what it was.

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