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Warframe Cross Platform – Can you play Warframe with friends on different consoles?


Yes, even with PS4 and PS5, Warframe is getting crossplay and cross-saving

Warframe cross platform : TennoCon, the annual Warframe event that announces the most major updates to the live game, took place yesterday.

A new expansion, The New War, is on the way, which isn’t surprising, but the show’s biggest news is the addition of crossplay and cross-save, which fans have been begging for for years.

When the New War expansion arrives later this year, Warframe will allow players to play and save across all platforms.

That includes PCs, Xboxes, Switches, and even PlayStations. They also mentioned that a mobile version of the game is in the works, and that it will be included in this system once it is released.

While crossplay and cross-save are becoming more regular in games like this, it’s still a big deal when it happens, and it’s worth noting that this includes the PlayStation ecosystem without exception.

Many games offer some amount of crossplay, however PlayStation is frequently left out, owing to Sony’s reluctance to get on board when they are the market leader in terms of sales.

They don’t want you to play with your buddies; instead, they want you to buy a PS4 or PS5.

However, as they face the inevitable, their grasp appears to be slipping.

How is Warframe able to do this? This isn’t clear.

In the Epic vs. Apple trials, we found that Sony charges Epic a crossplay fee if, for example, a Fortnite player spends the majority of their playtime on PlayStation but the majority of their microtransaction money on another platform.

Meanwhile, Borderlands 3 just opened up crossplay almost two years after its debut, but Sony was deliberately excluded from it, with no explanation given, and everyone believed Sony was charging them something they didn’t want to pay.

Is Sony charging Warframe for crossplay to some extent, or has that stipulation been dropped now that Epic’s stance has been made public?

That is uncertain, however Warframe appears to fall into the same category as Fortnite in terms of microtransactions.

Destiny 2, a Warframe competitor, will gain crossplay in roughly a month, and PlayStation appears to be on board as well.

Again, there’s no information on whether PlayStation is just going with the trend these days or whether these corporations are paying them.

Regardless, this is huge news for Warframe, especially given how long the playerbase has been requesting it, and it received the show’s most enthusiastic response.

We don’t have a firm timetable for the expansion yet, but I expect it to happen shortly.

This appears to be the standard for most games at launch at this time, breaking down the barriers between third-party games on different platforms.

Hopefully, Sony is simply allowing this to happen for the time being, and there will be fewer squabbles about it in the future.

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