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Want to Step Up Your Online Dating Game? Try Webcam Chats!


Whether you’re an experienced veteran of online dating, or you’ve never even made a Shagle account “just to see what happens”, cam chat is a good way to kick it up a notch. What makes them so perfect for online dating? Well, have you ever tried getting to know someone with nothing to go on but a few pictures and a text chat? That’s hard enough for someone with the writing skills of Shakespeare, let alone the average online dater. Introduce webcam chatting into the equation, though, and all kinds of possibilities open up. 

Webcam Chats are a great way to meet new people.

Webcam chats also clear the path for people who live across the country from each other, or even overseas. A typical online dating site is better for people who find each other online and eventually meet in person, but that isn’t always feasible. If your dating site of choice helps you find romantic interests using webcam chats, like Shagle does, you won’t ever have to worry about logistics if you end up falling for someone on the other side of the world. 

Using webcam chats for online dating really isn’t that complicated; once you have the basics down, it’s just a matter of time before you feel like a pro!

Webcam chats will help you meet people from all over the world.

You’ve probably heard the stereotype before: someone goes overseas, spends some time seeing the sights, and comes back with endless tales of how much cooler the other country is. As far as they’re concerned, even the drinking glasses there are superior to the ones at home. This might be a bit of an exaggeration, but there’s no denying people’s universal fascination with other cultures.

How does that translate to online dating with webcam chats? Rather than looking at profiles to choose the people you match with, you can meet them directly in the webcam chat. Instead of checking out the personal details they’ve listed in their profiles, they can tell you directly – plus whatever else they feel like talking about. 

Not only will you learn more about the people you’re talking with, but also their cultures and countries. If you’re interested in knowing more about their cultural background, don’t be shy about asking questions – it tells them that you’re sincerely interested in who they are. 

Cam chats make it easy to actually date online.

Not everyone can travel to keep a relationship going – but with webcam chats, they don’t have to! No matter what point you’re at in the relationship, you’ll have no shortage of activities that you can enjoy together over a webcam chat. 

Need a few suggestions to get you started? First of all, decide on some activities that you both enjoy – things like watching films or TV shows, doing nifty DIY projects, or trying out new recipes. Second, do those things while chatting. It really is that simple! If you wanted to mix it up a little, you could take turns deciding on the focus of the next virtual get-together. Take cooking, for example. What are your absolute favorite dishes? Maybe it’s something your grandmother makes for your birthdays, or a replication of a restaurant dish that blew your mind. If it’s something you truly enjoy, your date will probably get a kick out of learning the recipe from you.  

What happens after dinner, though? Webcam chats don’t just work in the kitchen, living room, or entertainment area – they work in the bedroom too. Just check with the dating site’s terms of use first; you wouldn’t want to have your time cut short because you unknowingly broke the rules. 

Webcam chats let you form genuine bonds.

Have you ever tried to forge a connection with someone using only the written word? Usually, it works in the beginning, but moving a relationship forward purely on the strength of your text-chatting skills can be hard. 

When you use webcam chats, however, there’s no need to double-check your spelling or puzzle over which emoji to use. You can talk to each other naturally, and you won’t have to wait for the other person to check their notifications before you get a response. In other words, you can have actual conversations! It’s about more than just communicating information more efficiently; you’ll also get to discover the sound of their laugh, how they react when they stub their toe, and what they look like when they smile. All these little details might not be focal points in the relationship, but it’s all part of genuinely knowing someone. 

Cam chats help you feel confident in the people you match with.

Romance scams are pretty well-known as a risk of online dating, but you can actually eliminate a lot of that risk if you’re meeting people via webcam chats. If all you have to work with is text chatting, it’s easy enough for someone to pretend that they’re a Brazilian supermodel who just needs a couple of hundred bucks – all that’s required is some stolen pictures and a background story. However, if the “supermodel” is actually some guy in a cubicle who’s scamming with multiple accounts, they’ll steer clear of the webcam chats. 

Then there are the people who aren’t scammers, exactly, but they aren’t quite honest either. You’ve surely heard the stories. A friend meets someone online, they decide to get together for a first date…and the stranger turns out to be a decade older than they were in their profile photos. If you meet people through cam chats, though, you can have a lot more trust in what you’re seeing. 

Is it time for you to give webcam chats a try?

Online dating can look different for every individual, but with webcam chats, you have more flexibility than ever. No more second-guessing over profile pictures, drafting and redrafting text chats so they don’t sound so awkward, or wondering if you’re talking to a real person. Webcam chats let you get straight to the fun part – meeting people and finding romance!


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