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Waldorf Astoria Residences in Miami: Mybrokerone Recommendations


Waldorf Astoria

In an article from the National News Lifestyle, the property market in New York is increasing. But more of the developments are centered in the popular Waldorf Astoria.

In 1931, Waldorf Astoria was officially on business. Thanks to the Astor Family who was considered one of the nobles in NYC, this 52-story palace-like hotel was erected. Restoration to its former glory is now being achieved.

The hotel had a colorful and meaningful history as it started with a dispute among two of the greatgrandchildren of the Waldorf and Astor Clan who both built hotels approximate to one another until they ceased fire and settled to fuse their buildings by connecting them.

This hotel became the greatest and prominent figures, from celebrities to national leaders and royals would choose to stay in this hotel. It was the pioneer in terms of offering all-day room service. The Astor family’s legacy was reforming the hospitality industry by pioneering the 24 hours room service. The Waldorf Astoria hotel was also the original in many things, such as climate control through air-conditioning, excellent electric lighting systems, and the introduction of culinary treats. One of their notable cuisines was the red velvet cake, which we enjoy to this very day.

In downtown Miami, there is a Waldorf Astoria heritage that excels in the area of architecture. It is a uniquely constructed residential skyscraper by the highly-acclaimed Carlos Ott in partnership with Sieger Suarez Architects. It is a 100-story and 1,049-foot superstructure which looks like a pyramid with unevenly piled cubes.

Situated along Biscayne Bay is a magnum opus of 9 glass tubes. It is the soul of Miami and where commercial life thrives. In the area are first-rate accommodations and gastronomic food joints. It is not only a haven for the hospitality industry and also for the world-class medical facilities and cultural life.

If you are looking for a residence in Miami that offers luxury, comfort, and convenience, then waldorf astoria residences miami offers more than what is expected. They have one to four-room apartments. They are commodious (minimum of 516 square meters to as much as 12,300) with bright lighting and fully furnished with sophistication. The furnishings are up-to-date and classy. The appliances are state of the art, and the designs per room and spaces encourage a relaxing environment. The comfort rooms and shower rooms mimic the aura of a spa. The plumbing is excellent. There is also a terrace where you can enjoy a picturesque view.

From $4M to $10M, you can avail a high comfort level and excellent service in Waldorf Astoria residential complex. Reservation of tables, all-day room service, and several types of service are accessible with a single tap of your finger. The technical controls are in your hands if you desire to maneuver the room temperature, lighting, and sounds. You can do whatever you want and please that will meet your convenience and comfort demands.

If you purchase an apartment in Waldorf-Astoria residential complex, you will not just enjoy the best of the best, but also be a part of a rich cultural heritage. You will also savor the most state-of-the-art facilities and experience service above reproach in a classy and relaxing ambiance. Who wouldn’t love to have all of these and more?

Do you want to make that dream into reality? Mybrokerone has an exclusive list of Waldorf Astoria Residences in Miami with all the details you need. They have an array of options with their prices and features so that choosing would be easier for you. Visit their page for more information.

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