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Vusi Ma R5 Died: Popular Barcadi Artist Cause Of Death


Vusi Ma R5 died recently. This was the latest news that has been posted online. He was a popular Mabopane Barcadi performer. He was killed on Sunday.

The news broke on the internet recently and it quickly went viral on social media. The news spread quickly on social media and uncounted responses began to hit the headlines.

This is very sad news for his family, friends, and all those who are close to him. Many people are now curious about all the details.

We have more information on the news, and will share it with our readers in this article.

Vusi Ma R5 is a well-known Barcadi musician who was shot and killed. According to reports, the shooting took place at Legantsheng in M17.

According to the report, the musician was shot after he received a call while he was dancing during loadshedding.

Many people have expressed sadness at the news of his death, as they didn’t expect that he would die this way. For more information, scroll down to the next page.

Who was Vusi Ma R5?

We have already spoken out about the fact that Vusi Ma R5, a famous Mabopane Barcadi singer, is no longer among his closest relatives.

On Sunday 29 January 2023, he was shot and killed. It is believed that he died of his gunshot wounds.

The tragic incident occurred in the early morning hours outside Majents Social Club, Pretoria at Soshanguve M17.

Many people have been very shocked by the sudden death of this man since the news was broadcast. For more information on the news, you are at the right place.

Vusi, a South African singer-songwriter was well-known. He was also known by the name Vusi Sidney Mahalasela Ka Zwane.

He was born in Pretoria in 1995. He joined ATO Records in 2003 and released seven albums.

He has performed at many high-profile events. He was awarded the SAMA Awards 2012 award.

He was a well-known personality with 57K fans on his Facebook page.

Many people expressed their condolences to his family and paid tribute to him via social media platforms. His soul may rest in peace.