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Vote Forward: How You Can Join the Movement to Encourage Underrepresented Voters

Vote Forward
Vote Forward

Are you hoping to make an impactful statement during this election cycle, encouraging voter turnout and strengthening our democracy? If that sounds appealing, Vote Forward could be the ideal platform. With its nonpartisan model providing grassroots volunteers the means to write letters directly to underrepresented communities, Vote Forward gives activists an effective tool for making an impactful statement and furthering democracy.

What is Vote Forward and how does it work?

Vote Forward
Vote Forward

This is a non-profit 501 (c) (4) organization founded by Scott Forman in 2017. The organization offers template letters that individuals can complete and send to unlikely registered voters to encourage participation in elections. Studies have demonstrated that Forward letters can increase voter turnout by as much as 3.4 percentage points – making them one of the most efficient means of getting out the vote.

How can you join Vote Forward and write letters to voters?

This requires volunteers to register a volunteer account on their website, where you’ll have access to your own dashboard with features that allow you to adopt voters, download letter templates, manage progress, print letters as needed, mail them on time for the election (at your own pace!), and track progress. In order to participate, printer, paper, envelopes stamps and blue pens will also be necessary; you should send all letters out by a specific date – even though writing them takes time!

What are the benefits of joining Vote Forward and writing letters to voters?

By joining this and writing letters to voters, you can have an immense positive effect on election outcomes and our nation. Plus, by volunteering your time you’ll meet like-minded volunteers as part of an active democracy community! Writing letters can also be an exciting and enjoyable hobby that you can do from the comfort of your own home!

This is an excellent way to become engaged in elections and encourage underrepresented voters to exercise their right to vote. By writing handwritten letters with positive messages about voting rights and democracy, Vote Forward members can increase voter turnout and make an impactful statement about our democracy. If you would like to join Vote Forward today, visit their website and sign up. Together we can make our voices heard and our votes count!