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Vanessa Hudgens Tries Hailey Bieber’s Viral “Glazed-Doughnut” Nails


Hailey Bieber’s preferred new nail trend was given a unique twist by Vanessa Hudgens. The actor tested out the “frosted donut” manicure fad on Tuesday thanks to the manicurist. The designer behind the outstanding work is Zola Ganzorigt.

Hudgens chose an extra-sweet opaque white style that makes us long for a trip to the salon, in contrast to Bieber’s nude manicure, which produced a shine.

I Tried Hailey Bieber’s Viral “Glazed-Doughnut” Nails

Vanessa hudgens tries hailey bieber's viral glazed-doughnut nails

On her Instagram Stories, Hudgens posted pictures of her manicure, which she paired with a Mudd Pearl necklace, an oversized pearlescent button-down blouse, and the remark “When your nails match your pearls.”

Hudgens’ nails glitter and reflect light from every angle, similar to the chrome nails we’ve been seeing all over the red carpet while preserving Bieber’s distinctive understated simplicity.

When planning for the 2022 Met Gala, Ganzorigt and Bieber first saw the design.

[Zola] Do you want to see it with the chrome dust? was the question. Prior to now, Bieber spoke to POPSUGAR. When we finished, I was like, “I’ll take this.

I’ve done chrome before, but I’ve never done it with a thin layer of polish before. My new stage is this. The key to elevating Hudgens’ white manicure and Bieber’s neutral manicure is layering.

We’ll undoubtedly be adding the manicure to our list of nail trends for summer, along with split French manicures and velvet nails, after updating Hudgens’ Instagram to analyze her interpretation of the glazed donut manicure trend from every aspect.

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