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Udaariyaan Today’s Episode 21st Feb 2023 Written Update


Hello, daily soap fans! Welcome back with exclusive updates of your beloved TV show “Udaariyaan”, as the Tuesday, 21st February 2023 episode promises high voltage drama and activities that will leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Nehmat has come to understand Advait’s true nature and this has motivated her to uncover him no matter what occurs because once in politics with power, no one can stop him from attempting such exploits; thus she plans on gathering evidence against him.

Nehmat later realizes she should not have scolded him as harshly as she did, since he had done nothing wrong in all these instances.

Therefore, she decides to apologize to him so he won’t harbor any grudge against her and goes out of his way to apologize; however, Harleen comes across as loving Ekam and has feelings for her as well; though this news shocks her, eventually she must accept it and allow Ekam to move forward in life.

At the same time, she plans a romantic date in the garden for him and Harleen where they can express their feelings. Something is holding them back so they need to push through it so everything is said out loud; otherwise, things could remain unsolved.

That is why Ekam arrives at this garden with her and feels overwhelmed; even Ekam is taken aback by what has been set up there!

Nehmat enters the garden to hear Ekam and Harleen make their confession as they prepare to legally name their relationship. Nehmat is delighted by what she hears; Ekam deserves someone who can stand by him all the time, and Harleen certainly fits that bill perfectly. Therefore, Nehmat decides to remove herself from between them since everything went as per her plan.

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