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Twitter Dream Face Reveal: Everything You Need to Know


Dream is one of the world’s most well-known and mysterious YouTubers, known for his Minecraft videos as well as collaborations with creators like GeorgeNotFound, TommyInnit and Sapnap. With over 30 million subscribers on YouTube and no public appearance yet, he remains virtually anonymous to most.

On October 3rd 2022, Dream pleasantly surprised his fans by uploading a video entitled “hi, I’m Dream” onto his main channel, where he finally showed his face for the first time. Additionally, Dream posted an impressive selfie to Twitter which received millions of likes and retweets.

Why did Dream reveal his face?

Dream stated in his video that he made the decision to expose his face because it made him more at ease and confident about himself. He revealed he has long battled anxiety and insecurity and that by sharing more about himself he hoped to overcome those fears and be more honest and authentic with his audience.

He acknowledged being inspired by other YouTubers, such as Corpse Husband and DreamXD, who had completed face reveals before him, thanking their audiences for their love and support, while promising they would still enjoy his content no matter his appearance.

How have fans responded to Dream’s face reveal?

Dream’s face reveal was met with incredible positivity from both his fans and fellow creators, many of whom expressed their pride for him while complimenting him on his looks. Additionally, they applauded him for being brave and honest while sharing such an intimate moment.

Some notable tweets from other YouTubers include:

  • -Karl Jacobs of Karl Jacobs Productions tweeted out this update regarding AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  • -TinaKitten wrote, “Let’s gooooo. Im so proud of U.”
  • – @TubboLive: Oh no my God Okay
  • – @Ranboosaysstuff: Deep respect

#DreamFaceReveal was also the No.1 trending topic on Twitter on Sunday and received over one million views within an hour.

Is Dream’s face reveal is real or fake?

Dream’s face reveal was genuine, unlike past attempts to leak or falsify his identity. For instance, in June 2021 an image allegedly showing Dream went viral on Twitter but Dream debunked it on his personal account as fake and blamed those who disliked him for going so far to justify their dislike3.

Dream also posted a video to Twitter purporting to feature GeorgeNotFound for a face reveal, but it turned out to be nothing more than an elaborate hoax. His caption read, “Face Reveal Ft GeorgenotFound (please be kind uD83EuDD7A), but all it showed was blurry images of two people with dyed eyebrows.

Dream is well known for his humorous fake face reveals, but this time was different: He expressed in his video his wish to reveal himself fully to the world and expressed hope that his fans would accept him for who he truly is.

FAQ: The Ultimate guide to Your Questions

Q: Who Is Dream?

A: Dream is a YouTuber known for making Minecraft videos. He has become popular due to his speedruns, manhunts, SMPs and collaborations with other creators.

Q: How Old is Dream?

A. Dream is currently 23 years old and was born August 12th 1999.

Q: What does Dream look like?

A. Dream is a young boy with brown hair and green eyes who wears a smiley-face mask, along with blue and green dyed eyebrows that add some flare.

Q: Where can I watch Dream’s face reveal video? A:

A: Dream’s face reveal video is available on his YouTube channel and Twitter account.

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