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Twitter Dream Face Reveal: September 2022 [Updated]


Twitter Dream Face Reveal: The secret ‘face reveal’ that went viral on Twitter this week was simply a hoax, Dream has revealed on Twitter.

Thousands of Dream followers went crazy on Twitter on Wednesday (June 10th) after an image purporting to show the YouTuber surfaced.

Virtual YouTuber, or ‘VTuber’ Dream utilizes a virtual avatar and has never disclosed his face on the internet, making him a ‘VTuber’.

Now, Dream has revealed on his private Twitter account that the image depicting him was not in fact him. This is what he had to say.

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The viral dream face reveal

Dream Face Reveal

Dream debunked a viral photo claiming to be of him on his personal Twitter account @DreamHangout on Thursday (June 11th).

A lot of people started body shaming the guy in the photo after the false “face reveal” appeared on Twitter. That’s what Dream was alluding to.

“Death threats, suicide encouragement, and harassment isn’t the tremendous win they think it is either,” Dream wrote in a second tweet. either faking screenshots or stories” is not acceptable.”

A place full of hate and hostility, Twitter may be the most absurd place at times. It’s important to remember to spread love and happiness. “Don’t stop smiling,” he said.

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Fake “facial reveal” on his public Twitter account, this time

Dream opted to keep things lighter on his public Twitter after exposing his actual thoughts on his private Twitter.

He wrote, “determined to confront the truth…….” Please treat others with respect:/ witnessing his actual face once again excite the fans.

In reality, the accompanying photo is just a computer-generated image of a random male.

Dream, you’ve done it again with the phony race revelations.


Those who ‘fat shamed’ the man in the photo continue to be hammered on Twitter.

The false Dream face leak showed some of you to be fatphobic, I just wanted to point that out.”

Just like you were waiting for the perfect opportunity to let your hair down. As a result, someone asked, “Can you please reflect on yourself?”

Another chimed in, saying, “I can see why many faceless YouTubers choose not to expose their identities. “Fake dream leak” and the responses to it are so terrible.

While it’s possible he’s not dreaming, there is a human being in the photo. “You all aren’t even worth mentioning.”

To make matters worse, the Dream antis used a photo of a random youngster and claimed that it was Dream’s face.

As a result of their fatphobia, they began targeting Dream and circulating phony tweets,” a third person explained. “They attacked Dream for being a catfish.

If you have any query feel free to ask me, I will definitely reply you.

When and how will Dream reveal his true identity?

Twitter Dream Face Reveal

With over 26 million subscribers, Dream is a well-known Minecraft YouTuber who goes by the name of Smiley. Dream talked about when and how he would reveal his real identity to the public in a recent interview with YouTuber Anthony Padilla. He said as his opening statement

I want to be able to accomplish things that you can’t do, and the biggest problem is that I can’t express myself effectively. Let’s say you want to venture out and socialize with new folks. My ability to create videos for TikTok is one of the possibilities it restricts. “

Dream is thrilled to reveal his true identity and do all of the incredible feats that other YouTubers can. He also has a special plan for his mask-off party, which he wants all of his supporters and friends to attend.

He will only stage the ceremony and expose his real name to the public after the global COVID-19 outbreak has somewhat subsided.

So I came up with the plan to host a gathering or other event, making sure it wasn’t the main attraction.

Stay with us here on officialroms.com for all the most recent information on Dream’s face reveal event, as we will be updating it as soon as the news becomes available, even though Dream has not yet released an official statement regarding it.

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