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Story Of The Turpin Family: What Happened To Them?


The Turpin family was found guilty of maltreatment by a jury in Florida. The victims ranged in age from two years to 29 years old. The victims’ ages were not given, but they had mental health problems, which prompted the court to order a mental evaluation of the family.

The case was also covered in the Bodycam footage. In this article, we’ll discuss the crimes committed by the Turpin family and their sentences. Follow chopnews to get more updates

Turpin family’s crimes

turpin family

The Turpin family is accused of systematically abusing their children. They allegedly deprived them of enough food and water to grow normally, which led to severe muscle degeneration.

In addition to the horrific injuries they caused their victims, the family also failed to provide them with love and affection. The shocking crimes of the Turpin family were uncovered when the surviving children began to report problems.

While some of these children were in the foster care system, others were left on their own.

Louise Turpin’s sentence

In February, a judge handed down a life sentence for Louise Turpin, a woman who kept 13 children in captivity for years. She and her husband, David Turpin, kept the children under their care for years.

Their children never ate more than one meal a day and had little or no access to clean water or medicine. The children only had baths a few times a year, according to authorities. The oldest child was found weighing 82 pounds.

Louise Turpin’s sentence came after the police and a 17-year-old daughter reported their situation to the authorities.

David Turpin’s statement to court

Louise and David Turpin were convicted of abusing 12 children and inflicting severe injuries and psychological harm on the other four. They pleaded guilty in February to 14 charges of torture, child abuse, and false imprisonment.

They were sentenced to life in prison and will be eligible for parole after 25 years. They wept throughout the court proceedings and the children addressed the court. David Turpin’s statement to the court was somber and honest.

Turpin family Bodycam footage

Bodycam footage from the Turpin home has sparked outrage. It shows how violently Jordan Turpin was abused by his parents, David and Louise.

During the police investigation, officers saw Jordan standing on the side of the road and responding to knocks on the door. David and Louise told the police that their children were in bed when they came, but he remained awake. The police found mounds of garbage, faeces, and moldy food.

David Turpin’s lewd act on a child

Police originally thought the 13 children were minors, but they later learned that seven were adults.

Their ages ranged from two to 29. When they were discovered, the 12-year-old victim was the size of an average seven-year-old and the 29-year-old was about the same weight.

Originally, the parents of the Turpin family were charged with dozens of counts of abuse and torture, including lewd acts on a child under fourteen.

David Turpin and Louise Turpin were also charged with assault and abuse of a dependent adult.

David Turpin’s sentence

The sentence for David and Louise Turpin, who abused 12 of their 13 children, was sentencing today. The couple pleaded guilty in February to 14 counts of cruelty to a dependent adult, torture, false imprisonment, and child endangerment.

The Turpins’ children spoke publicly during the hearing to speak of their pain and sadness. They were convicted of sexual abuse, child endangerment, and torture.

David Turpin’s plea deal

On Wednesday, District Attorney Mike Hestrin announced that David and Louise Turpin have pleaded guilty to 39 counts of child abuse. The plea deal allows both men to avoid trial, which would have meant a life sentence.

The children have not testified and are unlikely to testify against their parents. Nevertheless, if the case were tried, the parents would have faced life imprisonment, and many of them would have been forced to testify.

Children’s welfare check results

An investigation into the children’s welfare check results for the Turpins was ordered by Riverside County Executive Officer Jeff Van Waganen in November.

The investigation will analyze the services provided to the Turpin family, including the quality of care. The report is also intended to look into the county’s child welfare system as a whole.

Potashner said that confidential data and protective sealing orders have hampered the investigation.

Jordan Turpin’s TikTok account

Jordan Turpin has a popular TikTok account where she posts short dance clips and cute outfits. In a TV interview in November 2021, Jordan talked about her harrowing past.

When she was just 17 years old, her abusive parents were arrested for failing to protect her. Jordan eventually escaped and called the police, who saved her 12 siblings.

Today, she is 21 and pursuing her dreams of becoming a motivational speaker.

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