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Turbo Baster Shark Tank Update

Turbo Baster
Turbo Baster

Turbo Baster: In Shark Tank, Turbobaster struck a deal with investor Kevin Harrington. What has happened to the brand? Here’s a little update on the Turbobaster Shark Tank.

Turbo Baster
Turbo Baster

What Happened After Shark Tank, According to Turbobaster?

Marian Cruz, a professional cook, made her way into Shark Tank in Season 1 by proposing Turbobaster, her unique take on a turkey baster that is battery-powered and does multiple jobs.

Cruz created the concept five years before appearing on Shark Tank and landing a contract that night. Here’s a little update on the Turbobaster Shark Tank.

Update on the Turbobaster Shark Tank

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Turbobaster’s most recent appearance on television was when Kevin Harrington’s business, TV GOODS, announced the product’s exclusive global marketing rights.

Six months after the intended air date, this notice arrived. That’s true, the company hasn’t been mentioned since 2010, and its website and Facebook page were also taken down shortly after.

The product was never sold in a store or on the shelves of a supermarket.

After all, the attractive pitch was later discovered to have been constructed on a prototype, thus it’s apparent as day that the company went out of business or didn’t start at all.

Cruz had come to the pitching facility asking $35,000 in exchange for a 35 percent stake in the Turbobaster.

Her product was a turkey basting kit that included bulb basting, basting brushes, and marinade injectors.

The judges praised and applauded the 3-in-1 invention, but the celebration was short-lived when the judges discovered that the product was only a prototype.

Worse, she realized she hadn’t progressed from that prototype in the previous five years.

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The judges responded with a wave of sarcastic comments, to which she merely replied that she was a “newbie” in the corporate world.

Kevin Harrington, despite being visibly and totally disappointed, decided to make a $35K bid for 100 percent ownership and 2% of revenues.

Daymond also offered $40K in exchange for 51 percent of the firm and a 2% royalty.

Cruz eventually went with Harrington because of his kitchen appliance expertise, and the rest is history.

Turbobaster has been noted in passing as a horrible example of a pitch in subsequent seasons.

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