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Trevelin Queen: Everything You Need To Know About Him


Trevelin Queen has the kind of athleticism that can make him a star on any team. His outside shot is still a work in progress, but he’s already an asset to the Indiana Pacers.

While Queen’s name isn’t in many mock drafts, he’s an excellent prospect. Queen is a versatile shooter, who can play both wing. He also has the size and ability to assist the gold and blue in their depth.

Trevelin Queen is 6’6” and athletic

Trevelin Queen has the physical attributes that NBA teams look for in a two-way player. He is 6’6″ tall and has an impressive wingspan.

He’s also a shooter who can finish around the basket and an above-average defender. He was a two-way player for two seasons at New Mexico State, and his versatility has NBA teams interested in him.

Queen, who had spent a number of years working in junior colleges, was finally accepted onto the NMSU roster as a sophomore.

He played an off-the-record role in his first year. He became a regular and key contributor in his second year.

Trevelin Queen is a great shooter

The Trevelin Queen can hit the ball all around the court, but is most at home on the three-point line.

Trevelin queen has a great pump fake move that gets defenses up in the air, and allows him to finish plays higher than the rim.

His defense skills make him an attractive option for the rotation. Although he has not seen much time with the Pacers yet, his skills as a wing may allow him to have an impact on the team in the near future.

The 76ers are a team that wants athletes and shooters, so he’s a great fit for them.

He has some work to do in terms of improving his outside shot, but his athleticism and scoring ability should get him a chance.

Trevelin Queen is a defender

Queen demonstrated the ability to play defense at an elite level during college.

This is evident by his successes with New Mexico State. Queen is a strong off-ball defender and can leap over passing lanes to deny larger wings.

He’s also been a successful player in the G League. His single-game record for efficiency with the Rio Grande Valley Vipers was a new career high.

He averaged 22.0 points, 6.2 rebounds and 4.3 assists per game this season with the team, which finished the year with the best record in the Western Conference.

It’s possible that he will push for an NBA roster spot as the Rockets move into the last year of the two-way deal with Trevelin queen.

His big frame should make him a good matchup for the NBA’s best players. He’s not a player that should be overlooked in the draft, so be sure to add him to your watch list.

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Trevelin Queen is a great scorer

His versatility makes him a skilled scorer who can trigger quickly from the beyond-the-arc. He’s also a defender who can play at a high level on the interior.

Queen spent most of his first professional season in the G League with the Houston Rockets, averaging 4.3 points and 1.6 rebounds in 10 games before he was waived by the team.

He’s now a free agent and will be looking to land an NBA contract with a team that needs more help in the backcourt.

Queen was a senior at New Mexico State and helped the Aggies win their WAC tournament.

He finished the season as the conference’s highest scorer, scoring 13.2 points per match.

In addition to his scoring ability, Queen is a defender who can get to the rim and put up strong shot blocks. Queen is a veteran and knows how to motivate his team.