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Transport Authority Officials Causing Traffic Jams In Hyderabad


Transport Authority Officials Causing Traffic Jams In Hyderabad: Roadside parking has become a major issue for commuters in Hyderabad, and ironically it is the regional transport authority adding to the problem, according to the Times of India. Apparently, RTA offices across the city do not have enough parking spaces, which forces people to park their cars on the road. This is made even worse by RTA Mehdipatnam officials who inspect vehicles including goods carriers, trucks and other heavy vehicles on the main road. India currently has a growing automotive industry, and that means that government officials need to implement policies that will make driving more pleasant for people.

Transport Authority Officials Causing Traffic Jams In Hyderabad

Parking is “free”

Free parking on public roads is not just a Hyderabad problem, but also something that plagues most cities in India. The practice is not even legal because parking is not a right in India. In fact, a report published by the National Transport Development Policy Committee (NTDPC) clearly identifies parking as a consumer commodity not a legal right. Many vehicle owners in Hyderabad thought the Free Parking rule that came into effect in late 2018 banned parking fees.What the law actually did was to make parking free for the first 30 minutes in any mall or multiplexes, but parking fees apply.

Parking apps and few parking spaces

However, it is difficult to enforce parking rules when there are few adequate parking spaces in most cities in India. Despite this, vehicle demand continues to grow in India, turning the whole issue into a vicious circle of traffic jams. Some cities are trying to deal with the problem using parking apps. For example, the ParkIndia app allows drivers to find legal parking spots for trucks and other vehicles.

Parking space for trucks

Irrespective of what size of truck you have, you will get the most adequate parking space for it thanks to the parking lot photos available in the app. Pickup trucks are often big enough to carry more than two passengers, while at the same time offering space to carry a lot of stuff at the back. People also love them because they offer more legroom, are comfortable and safer compared to smaller cars.

Pickup trucks have nothing to do with the traffic problems in Hyderabad, and may  actually partly help to solve the issue because they carry more people. So far, the RTA has acknowledged that they are indeed contributing to the traffic problem. In fact, there is  a proposal to relocate RTA offices in Mehdipatnam buildings to procured government land, according to joint transport commissioner, C Ramesh.

He also said that the RTA will work to provide better facilities to reduce congestion on the roads. However, Hyderabad residents will have to wait longer for their parking problems to be fully resolved.


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