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Top 7 Transcription Software for Business & Education



Transcription Software

Transcription software helps students and business owners automatically convert video or audio to text. You can create great online content for podcasts, online courses, webinars, meetings, or presentations with a good text recording.

We have selected programs with an excellent online reputation to make it easier for you to choose the best transcription services.

All the tools we have described rely on artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning and voice recognition. Let’s get to know them better.

1. H2 can make a speech to text from an audio file in 5 minutes. A feature of the platform is its top-notch speech recognition tools. The company transcribes any audio content in English. Clients note that the company is excellent at transcribing webinars, lectures, podcasts, meetings, interviews, documentaries, phone calls, and seminars.

What else is famous for? Their fair and transparent pricing system bribed us. The company charges a fixed rate of 25 cents per minute. This is very convenient because you immediately know the cost of the order, and no one will charge you additional payments. They also have manual transcription available for more complex projects – the price is $3-7 per minute. also has good guarantees. The first guarantee is 100% safety. While artificial intelligence is working on your record, the program will securely encrypt your data in their system. The second guarantee is high quality. The powerful software allows the company to deliver high-quality transcriptions with 90% accuracy quickly.

An additional advantage is their error detection system. Before the text gets to you, the program will check for typos and eliminate them. The system also distributes punctuation marks well. Therefore, will become your best assistant in studies and business.

2. H2 provides a good transcription service because it works with the best transcriptionists, captioners, and translators. Their transcription quality catches the attention of thousands of customers. A team of experts will help you turn the recording into a text file that you can save in various formats, examine and edit. The platform actively uses AI to provide error detection.

How does work? In a specially designated place, you upload your video or audio content. If this is not possible, you can paste the web URL. Then the service will select an expert for your project – there are about 60,000 of them. A professional transcriptionist will carefully listen to the recording and decipher it with 99-100% accuracy.

The company gives you complete freedom in editing and sends the file in a convenient format – Word, Google Document, etc. A nice bonus is the built-in editing tools. Right on the page, you can change the text. The program can give suggestions for improvement and suggest synonyms for words.

Document delivery time is 12 hours, provided that your file does not exceed 30 minutes. They also have express delivery for an additional fee – the author can decipher the text in 4 hours. The platform only works with English audio. However, the company takes complex projects with background noise and different accents. If you hurry and want to get the file much faster, you can use their automatic transcription – the processing time is no more than 10 minutes. The price for manual transcription is $1.25 per minute; the cost for machine transcription is 25 cents per minute.

3. H2 Trint

Trint is suitable for Mac or Windows owners who don’t want to install bulky transcription software. To use Trint, you need a good web browser and Internet access. This platform is the most versatile of all the companies presented in our article. Why?

The answer is simple – here, you can transcribe the audio text yourself, edit the text, and turn to experts for advice in case of problems. The service is famous for its fast execution, reliable customer data encryption, and low error rate.

Trint uses state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to provide transcription services. The platform supports multiple languages ​​and is well versed in all English dialects. The platform gives you freedom in content design in addition to the fact that artificial intelligence can quickly and accurately decipher your recording. You can add the received captions to the video content right in the program. You can also export text to your site.

What else does Trint offer? The company has developed an application for the iPhone – you can transcribe recordings on the go, which is very convenient for students and journalists. Trint’s pricing policy is divided into five categories: $48 per month to $68 per month. Tariff plans differ in the number of transcriptions and user access.

4. H2 Transcribe

Transcribe is a platform that cares about user privacy and provides automatic transcription. The platform specializes in transcribing podcasts, music, and official meetings. The company is a great saver for your money and time as it offers affordable tariff plans and fast document delivery.

Transcribe is unique in that it has many features that provide high-quality transcription. The company provides foot pedal support and slow performance. For the AI ​​to better recognize voices, you can slow down the recordings and get the text with 95% accuracy. Transcribe is suitable for those who are not well versed in transcription – the developers have created step-by-step instructions for working with the program and explanations of the functions.

Also, the platform allows users to create subtitles for video content and export files in a convenient format. For YouTube or Vimeo users, the software will be most valuable as the platform can automatically move subtitles to your social media videos. Note that Transcribe works even without an Internet connection!

Tariff plans are simple and fall into two categories: automatic and self-transcribing. The first plan includes AI collaboration, video captioning tools, and speaker identification with automatic timecodes. The second plan includes manual transcription tools, editing features, and unlimited dictation. The first package will cost you $26 per month; the second package costs $20 per month.

5. H2 Express Scribe

Express Scribe is a good option if you need to convert speech to text online very urgently. You will be surprised, but the platform is free! The tool is compatible with audio players and can be integrated with phones or computers via USB.

If your recording does not exceed 30 minutes, the AI ​​will handle the transcription in 3-5 minutes. In addition to audio to text transcription, the company offers editorial features and search for words. You can edit the text without installing additional editors in the program. The program works best with Microsoft Word. However, the platform is available on both Mac and Windows.

What else is attractive about Express Scribe? You can control audio playback speed, manage files, share documents with your colleagues, and send files to email.

If the basic functions are not enough for you and you want to improve transcription quality, you can buy the Pro version. The company often offers favorable discounts, so there is no exact price – you can snatch your happiness very cheaply. Payment for the Pro version is made through Visa and Mastercard or PayPal. Both options are reliable and secure, which adds to the credibility of Express Scribe.

6. H2 Inqscribe

Inqscribe is a new player in the transcription market but has already impressed users with its simplicity and convenience. The project’s uniqueness lies in that even a beginner can master the program. The platform very accurately tells how to use the tool, gives advice on improving the sound to get 100% transcription accuracy, and publishes valuable tips in this direction.

By registering on the platform, on the screen, you can see a step-by-step guide or instructions, following which you will achieve a good transcription. Also, the creators of the program have developed a glossary of standard transcription terms. You will have explanations for hundreds of unfamiliar words at your fingertips, significantly simplifying the work.

The platform does not skimp on features despite the simple and user-friendly interface – the developers used AI with advanced voice recognition technologies. In one window, you can play audio content and edit it instantly. Editing tools allow users to divide a recording into fragments and improve them step by step.

Unfortunately, the platform is only available for Windows owners, and a Mac version is under development. Pleasant bonuses are the function of locking the pitch to prevent voice distortion and control the program without using the mouse. All this pleasure costs $99.

7. H2 Otter

Otter is another excellent tool for busy students and journalists. The platform allows you to record voice on the go and instantly transcribe it. Otter is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. This means that the program fits in your hand – download it to your phone, and all the necessary transcription functions will be in one place.

The program is equipped with several options for editing transcripts. You can also export files conveniently and share them on social networks. A feature of the platform is the speaker identification function. A significant downside is the ability to transcribe only 600 minutes of recordings per month with the free version.

Therefore, you will have to buy the Premium version to increase this time. In addition to the core features and AI collaboration capabilities, the Premium version allows you to connect to remote work tools. For example, you can edit and transcribe recordings with a colleague using Zoom. The premium version costs $20 per month.

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