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Top Streaming Websites Sign Up for in 2022


Now, the top-rated shows are released on streaming platforms, and to really be ‘in’ the social circle discussions, to just have a great time with friends for fun and entertainment, or even on your own, a subscription is a must-have!

Life is too short to be spent in a tedious state without a stable internet connection and a subscription to the very best streaming platforms across the world. This article will help you know the basics of all the major streaming platforms you can get a subscription to or like us, have accounts on all of them!

However, before signing up for the following streaming platforms, make sure that you get a reliable and high-speed internet service at your home to enjoy movies and shows without any interruption. If you are looking for a reliable internet connection, we recommend you check out Windstream internet packages as they offer unlimited data allowance. And you know what unlimited data means? It means unlimited streaming!

With that said, let us discuss the best streaming websites to sign up for in 2021:

1. Netflix

Perhaps the most popular and widely known network of entertainment, this platform is spread across the world, and based on your region, shows are shown. Netflix originals are however always available to be seen. The choices are endless and there are categories for each movie, show, etc. Four people can use Netflix at the same time if you get the best bundle, and view it in UHD.

The recommendations that Netflix makes are based on your geographical location as well as what you have seen before and these do not overlap with others’ interests using the same account under a different name. 

From a usability perspective, Netflix, hands down, is the most comfortable platform to use, and with a good internet connection, nothing can ruin your Sundays with Netflix that we spent binge-watching your favorite shows.

Netflix is continuously adding more movies and shows to its portfolio, and in the chat where a person is readily available, you can suggest new shows to be added as well! Moreover, Netflix originals these days are superb!

2. Amazon Prime

Unlike Netflix, when the free trial ends, you can still keep using your Amazon Prime account for all the watches; however, some movies are only available to be bought or rented. The collection is not entirely as great as the one on Netflix, but Amazon Prime houses some must-watch individuals with Oscar-worthy plots and cinematography.

It also has the best collection for standup comedies. It also has a remarkable 80s and 90’s movie collection, no matter what international movies you are inclined toward. A subscription with all features unlocked costs $14.99 per month. And oh, you can also download stuff to watch offline!

3. Disney +

A relatively new partner in the streaming game, Disney + is a dream come true for all children and grownups alike. It offers your favorite childhood movies, shows, and originals in one place. Not only is it the perfect platform for your children to watch Disney originals but also for you to catch up on reruns and new Disney shows that it has bought the permit to have such as all Marvel content!

This means that you will have unlimited access to all the top action-powered movies. The best part is that it is only $7.99 per month and you can pair it with Hulu and ESPN if you are a sports fan for $19.99/m.

4. Hulu

If you are a TV fanatic who wants the entire television watching experience with the best classics and recent ongoing channel shows, Hulu is a top choice for you. It is Disney-owned, but don’t be fooled for it has all content except for kids.

It has most of the shows from ABC, Fox, NBC, FOX, and Freedom, other than its own originals like other streaming platforms. One can subscribe to the premium services or get the basic ones. It also offers a bundle with Disney +. If you want live TV, it will cost you $69.99 per month, but the basic one is as low as $6.99.

5. Apple TV +

You might have access to Apple TV + without even knowing it! That is right- Apple, on the purchase of many of its devices offers a year valid free subscription for Apple TV +. Apple is focused on making originals rather than building a library so the shows are limited; however, the content is brilliant.

From “The Morning Show” starring Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston to major standouts such as “Little America.” Etc. If you are into watching different, well-directed shows that you will absolutely not find anywhere else, then Apple + is your way forward. The cost for Apple TV + is $4.99 per month after a 7-day free trial.

Wrapping it up

Streaming platforms are taking over cable TV by a storm, and that too for all the good reasons. They cost way less than cable TV, won’t bound you to any contracts and the ease of watching whatever, whenever is always there. 

Not to forget the amazingly wide range of content libraries and the exclusive content every streaming site offers makes it a must-have. All you need is a stable internet connection and you’re good to go with streaming platforms.