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Top flat fee MLS companies in Hawaii


Most Hawaii pay for the services of a real estate agent to sell their homes. They usually shell out 6% of the sale price as realtor commission. No wonder, some sellers want to avoid this huge hole in the pocket. 

One of the key steps in letting buyers know that your house is available for sale is by listing it on a Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Most of the online home search services source data from this MLS. 

It is not possible to list the MLS on your own. But you may hire a flat fee MLS Hawaii service to do the needful. While many companies boast of their offerings, only a few live up to them.

Having said that, there are some decent flat fee MLS Hawaii services. This article lists them down for you.

Hawaii’s Popular flat fee MLS Companies

1. Houzeo

Ideal for: Sellers seeking a bunch of services to pick from

Price Range: $199-$349

Houzeo is one of the best flat fee MLS companies as it provides the ideal mix of packages, technology, and customer service. When listing with Houzeo, there is no need for a listing agent, thereby throwing that agent’s commission out of the window. 

Moreover, its website can be used for anything from managing your showings to placing a counter offer. The company usually posts the listing within one day of your request. It also allows you to purchase extra services a la carte. Every company you plan to go ahead with should be well researched and reviewed. You can check Houzeo reviews or any other companies reviews on google.

But in its entry-level package, every change in the listing costs $25. Also, you may have to shell out some extra for pricing assistance, which some other companies offer for free.

2. Jeffrey Samuels

Ideal for: sellers looking for a complete package

Price range: $3,500

Samuels is a real-estate agent residing on the island of Oahu, offering all the services of a traditional realtor, albeit for a flat fee. His services are restricted to Oahu.

As he is a local broker, his knowledge and understanding of the area’s real-estate trends can be quite priceless.

While his services cost a lot more than most flat fee MLS companies, he offers considerably more support. 

There is only one package that costs $3,500. While it seems quite costly, it has everything a seller may require. From pricing assistance to managing showings and negotiations, Samuels offers everything. 

Also, this fee is only to be paid at the time of closing. But on top of this fee, an excise tax is also levied. 

3. Fizber

Ideal for: no-frills offers

Price range: $295-$395

This flat fee MLS company claims to have the most high-end marketing system that has data to help you evaluate your listing. It offers a free house valuation. 

The base bundle lists your home on MLS. Fizber promotes your property on social media as well. You can also get a full refund if you change your mind before the listing goes live. 

However, the basic package just has 6 photos, whereas most have 10-25. Changes to the listing also come at a cost. Positive customer reviews suggest that its customer service executives are very easy to work with. 

But some negative reviews also mention that the flat fee MLS company sent out the listing to other providers. 


Ideal for: Sellers who intend to list on a large for sale by owner websites.

Price range: $99-$399

This flat fee MLS Hawaii service lets you list your home for a basic $99. But this entry-level package makes your home appear just on their website. If you want pan-Hawaii MLS coverage then you will need to buy their upgraded package that costs $399. 

Many people prefer FSBO for its affordability. However, it does not provide a la carte services. Also, pamphlets, yard signs, etc. are charged separately. 

Final Word

Engaging with a flat fee MLS Hawaii service could be worthwhile for seasoned sellers who just want to list and promote their house on the MLS using. Before finalizing on any flat fee MLS company do some research. Go through reviews from past clients who have utilized such services to check for their legitimacy. If you see a pattern of complaints, you are likely to go face the same issues.

Some flat fee MLS companies claim to provide a flat rate but may shock you at the time of closing with a hidden fee. There have been instances when some platforms claimed to offer a free listing and then charged sellers a percentage of the sale price at the time of closing. 

Such practices may burn a big hole in your pocket when you were expecting to pay just a few hundred. Hence, it is always advisable to read the fine print before buying the services of any flat fee MLS company. Watch out for “admin fees” or “closing fees” that you may have to pay besides the up-front flat charge. 

The bottom line is always to be wary of services that may end up hurting your wallet.