Top Five Boxing Clubs in Delhi: Hello Everyone Today I am going to share some interesting facts on the Five Boxing Clubs in Delhi. What are all the Training they providing and the effects of boxing on your body? Here are some of the Top Five Clubs in Delhi – best boxing academy in delhi.

Top Five Boxing Clubs in Delhi

1. Knockout Fight Club

Boxing Clubs in Delhi

Knockout Fight Club gives you the best mix of a gym workout along with the addition of Kickboxing as an added advantage. Knockout Club is a state of art Mixed Martial Arts training academy in Kalkaji, New Delhi. This Club offers you training like kickboxing classes, self-defense, body transformation program. fight Club is the only club in Delhi that offers a unique way of Parkour training.

Parkour training includes running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling, and other movements as needed most suitable for the situation. Parkour’s training develops training from military training which gives it some source of a non-combative martial art.

This Club also offers Fitness Life Coaching. Through this training, they give you complete knowledge of different tasks and about how to stay fit and healthy. Special weekend activities are also arranged for the members of this club. These are the different activities include Grappling, Wall Climbing, Boxing tournaments, etc.

2. Crosstrain Fight Club

Boxing Clubs in Delhi

Cross-train Fight Club is North India’s first fully equipped and fully specialization in functioning MMA fight club and training facility. This Club is in south Delhi. Cross-train will give you an opportunity to work with various trainers from national as well as International, who will be experts in their chosen profession. We will particularly be focusing on MMA disciplines like Boxing, kickboxing, and Wrestling as well as on strength and conditioning to make you sure to get into fighting-fit shape. To challenge our programs of the club as well as to work with you to it will help you improve even more. Cross-train is the right fit for you.

3. Amjad Khan Boxing Training Center

Boxing Clubs in Delhi

At Amjad Khan Boxing Center, we train the sportsmen for the national and international level competition which also helps the sportsmen to secure jobs in the government sector. We will also make them participate in professional boxing at the national and international levels. We want to make a boxing training center where we could indulge and increase the talent of our youth who do not find the right support to extend their talents. We are also looking forward to introducing the art of boxing to youngsters in our country and into regular school Timings and one must take boxing as a career. We want to expand the Boxing to the other regions where our players can be participating and also enhance their talents.

4. Spark Kick Boxing Academy

Boxing Clubs in Delhi

Spark Kick Boxing Academy is one of the best equipped Martial arts and also fully equipped Martial arts, where you will find the best professionally qualified trainers and energetic and ambitious to the needs of those who look for the best options to workout. They also provide you the best art of Kickboxing ever from which you can learn the skills of kickboxing and can show your talents in the outside world.  This Academy is situated in Kingsway Kamp, Delhi. One of the best fitness centers ever you will find to take the experience.

5. Ultimate MMA & Fitness Zone

Boxing Clubs in Delhi

This Ultimate MMA And Fitness zone center is the best center in Janakpuri, Delhi. The Trainer gives you the best training in Delhi. They motivated to trained you lastly it is the Ultimate MMA and Fitness zone is the best center in New Delhi.

So, these are several points on Best Boxing clubs in Delhi to provide you excellent training in Boxing, Martial Arts, Kick Boxing and also act as a Fitness Center to fit your body throughout the day. boxing in delhi –  I believe you all must go for this and find a better way. If any Query or Questions please feel free to comment with your viewpoints.

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