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Top 5 Places to Visit in Bangladesh


Top 5 Places to Visit in Bangladesh: Hello guys if you are in Bangladesh or planning to visit Bangladesh then for you i have collected Top 5 Places to Visit in Bangladesh. These places are awesome and you will definitely going to love these places.

1. Cox’s Bazar Beach

Laboni Beach is a tourist attraction in the seaside resort town of Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh. It is the main beach of three beaches that are side by side in Cox’s Bazar’s beaches that combine to form a stretch of sandy beaches of around 75 miles long. Laboni is also the closest of these to the town of Cox’s Bazar. Laboni Beach puts on a spectacular show for tourists and locals alike at sunrise and sunset. That includes the waters of the sea which change their hues with the time of day as well. At night, the shoreline water glows with phosphorescent organisms.

2. Lalbagh Fort

Lalbagh Fort oldest Fort in dhaka city.it stands before the Buriganga River in the southwestern part of Dhaka, Bangladesh.The construction was started in 1678 AD by Mughal Subahdar Muhammad Azam Shah who was son of Emperor Aurangzeb and later emperor himself. However, if you are in Dhaka, it’s worth paying a visit there. And, don’t miss the history and light and sound show during the night. It’s a very beautiful and wonderful historical place to go. It’ll just take you to the time of Shayesta Khan.

3. National Parliament House

Bangladesh’s ancient monuments haven’t aged well, for obvious climatic reasons, and lack of durable materials, so the lover of antiquities may feel a bit frustrated here. But the modern site of the parliament building is well worth visiting as a complete contrast – a solid, tall building, sternly unadorned, deceptively simple in appearance but with a complex design, which in a land of traditionally low structures has the loftiness and inner airiness of a cathedral. There is an excellent lake beside “Zia Uddan”. Every day so many people visited this place for mantelpiece and refreshment.

4. Ahsan Manzil

Ahsan Manzil is one of the top historic places in Dhaka as well as the country. Ahsan Manzil is great place to know about traditional life about Nowab Ahsanullah. The last powerful nawab of Bengal. There are many archaeological things to see to know about their life style. It also delivers info about their architectural accomplishments. The palace is situated on the banks of the Buriganga River. It dates to the late 1800s and now serves as a museum. While run down and unkempt, it is worth a visit when in Dhaka. Ahsan Manzil is a heaven made on Earth

5. Sonargaon

Ancient and historical place of Bangladesh. This place give you the historic administrative, commercial and maritime experience of ancient Bengal. Sonargaon was the seat of the medieval Muslim rulers and governors of eastern Bengal. Different rulers from 13th century used Sonargaon as their capital. This place was the capital of Bengal from 13th to 17th century. Remaining architects of old capital has a grate reflection of golden period of Bengal, when the golden fiber jute was growing, landscape were green with various crops. If you are in Dhaka city and have time to get away for few hours, you should definitely visit Sonargaon.

Guys visit these places and share this article with your friends and family. So what are you waiting for pack your bags and happy journey.