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Top 5 Places to Catch Fishes in Texas


Top 5 Places to Catch Fishes in Texas: Fishing is one of the most amazing and one of the few outdoor activities where you can just sit back and relax. Which takes up very little exertion and just to let up the fish come to you. Most of the work is just in the preparation. Considering up that we live in the age of technology, you can also play up games on your mobile phone while you wait for up for the fish to bite, so here we our up with list for all the fishers out there, for the best places to catch up fishes in Texas. Keep Reading!

Top 5 Places to Catch Fishes in Texas

1. Choke Canyon Reservoir

Considering up this fishing location this is the one  of the most regularly visit, we felt it was probably the first one to mention up in the list. Situated about an hour south of the San Antonio, Choke this is a very beautiful and a dangerous wild lake. It hosts up a diverse collection of natural wildlife. On land, this also  includes gators, hogs, and some turkeys. This also extends up to the lake, itself, where you can also catch all the three types of the catfish (blues, channels, and flatheads) as well as the bass and the crappies. The Fishing tournaments are also regularly hosted up here.

2. Fork Lake

It has been said several times that this is simply the one of the best lake in Texas for a big bass. Situated a couple of hours in the east of the Dallas, this actual lake routinely produces up the state record of setting up fishes. The main actual reason for this is because the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department have did up a  great job by managing up the land before the reservoir which was ever too be inundated. Before the dam was actually closed, The Florida bass were introduced to some of the small ponds and lakes throughout the area. The whole area was after that covered in the water and as soon as the dam was closed, creating it one of the best places in texas to catch bass.

3. Victor Braunig Lake

This great lake is one of the closest one to my neck of the woods, it is only 17 miles south of the downtown of San Antonio. It’s also one of the few non-coastal places where you can actually  catch up  the red fish. You heard me. Those great red fish you see everyone showing off their pictures of whenever they actually go up got fishing at the beach and can be found right here actually without taking up the trip to the coast. The main presence of the local power plant, as well as the good mineral base, which gives up this lake a diverse selection of fish to catch up. It also has hybrid stripers and a very good channel catfish population. It’s definitely worth to have a visit to this spot  if you’re in southern Texas.

4. Guadalupe River

This great and amazing river is one of the places to go if you’re actually looking up for a rainbow trout. Although the great rainbow trout aren’t the native to these particlular waters, the Texas Parks and the Wildlife Department routinely introduces up them to the water each single winter with the main intent that they will actually be caught up by the anglers. Most of these fish won’t actually survive up the rising and hot temperature once it spring passes so its worth it to get out there and catch them up. One of the best place on the river to go trout fishing is the Canyon Tailrace that’s is situated a few miles below the great Canyon Lake. This lake  is also one of the most beautiful and amazing parts of the Texas Hill Country with the forested hills and deep valleys. It’s not only a short drive from Austin its actually a well worth the trip.

5. San Antonio Bay

Just to be very clear, the popular San Antonio Bay is a very different and unique from San Antonio, the city. The San Antonio Bay is mainly situated between the Matagorda and the Aransas Bays. It’s all about 55 miles from northeast of the Corpus Christi. This is also one of the best places to go out if you’re looking up for a spotted sea trout. It’s also a good spot for the other sea-based fish including up the ladyfish, the flounder, the pinfish, and none other than the southern kingfish. The wildlife preserve that is nearby also just makes it a very  good and amazing place to find up the exotic beach and natural wildlife in general. As you fish up here, you can do so on a coast populated by the cranes, the herons, and the pelicans.

If you’re ever and ever looking for a good and amazing place to fish in the Lone Star State, feel free to stop by any one of these perfect honey holes.  Trust us, you won’t be actually disappointed at all. Here, we give an end to our list, hope to see you again on our platform again, thanks for your presence.