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Top 5 Places in Dubai for Shopping


Top 5 Places in Dubai for Shopping: Hey guys welcome to the article. I have written articles about many things previously. Today I will write about everyone’s favorite topic and the thing to do that is shopping. When one hears the word SHOPPING they go crazy (especially girls).

Dubai is a famous destination for all shopaholics. It has nice fabrics, designer clothes, quality gold and silver, and many more items. Dubai has many malls and shops where one can do shopping. It also provides various facilities like entertainment, dining, play area for kids and to name a few during the summertime. In this following article, I will be listing the Top 5 Places in Dubai for Shopping.

Top 5 Places in Dubai for Shopping

1. Mall of the Emirates

Mall of the Emirates

This place is just meant for true Shopaholics. It contains a variety of stores of fashion, sports, kids’ toys, electronics, home decor, and many more. This mall has more than 470 stores that provide you best service. Here you can shop for chocolates, books, electronics, handbags, shoes, clothes, jewelry, watches, furniture, lingerie, swimwear, and many more other things.

Also, you can eat at their restaurant and fast food centers. Some of the restaurants are Tribes, Pars Iranian restaurant, The Butchershop, and grilled… Also, there is a multiplex where you can enjoy the movies. Also, you can enjoy indoor skiing in the snow.

2. Ibn Battuta Mall

Ibn Battuta Mall

This is the world’s largest themed mall that is designed and named after Arabian explorer Ibn Battuta. The mall is one of the biggest malls in Dubai. This mall is divided into six sectors according to the countries and each sector represents differently.

It is divided into India, China, Egypt, Tunisia, and Andalusia, Persia. There are more than 250 shops where you can shop for women’s, men’s, and kids’ clothes, shoes, handbags, and watches. Also, you can shop for toys, leather goods, handicrafts, and many more. There you will also find the dining area, Novo cinemas, sing, and switch, and many more entertaining things.

Address: – Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

3. Wafi Mall

Wafi Mall

This mall is situated on wifi. This is a great mall to visit. It has more than 300 stores, and more than 30 restaurants. If you want to do Arabian shopping then here is a place in the mall known as Khan Murjan.

Many vendors and shops sell Arabian goods. Here you will find nice light and sound show that will give you immense pleasure. This mall has all ice creams, books, luggage shopping, clothes of various brands, home furnishings, health and beauty, dining restaurants, and many more other things to do.

Address: – Oud Metha Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

4. Dubai mall

Dubai mall

This mall is considered one of the largest shopping malls in the UAE. It contains more than 1200 branded stores for shopping. Here you can get quality gold and that too at reasonable rates. Also, you can shop for clothes, watches, bags, toys, eyewear, shoes, jewelry, and many more items.

There are various places where you can have food, ice creams, desserts, and juices in the mall. You will find here Dubai underwater zoo and aquarium, ice skating, the Dubai Fountain, and many more things for entertainment.

Address: – Financial Centre Road، Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

5. Meena Bazaar

If you are bored of shopping in the malls and want to go on a street shopping experience then visit Meena bazaar Dubai. It is a local market in Dubai that sells a variety of goods like jewelry, watches, clothes, furniture, accessories, and spices from India.

There are varieties of restaurants that will provide you with many delicious Indian foods. You can get designer clothes, watches, bags, etc. You will also find the quality diamond and gold jewelry in Meena Bazaar

Address: – Bur Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

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So guys I think you liked the above list and this description tempted you for going on a shopping trip all over to Dubai. Try one of these or even all malls for shopping in Dubai. Thank you for visiting see you’ll in another article. Bye till then.

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