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Top 5 Places For Scuba Diving in India


Top 5 Places For Scuba Diving in India: Hey guys a warm welcome to my interesting article. India is a country that is famous and loved by tourists for its beauty. Also, the water life of India is an eye-catching thing.

Many people who visit India don’t get back without seeing the mesmerizing view of the waters and flora of this place. So this article will be surely interesting for the ones who love adventures in their life and yes mainly for water sports lovers.

Scuba diving is loved by many people and there would be no other great place in the world for Scuba diving other than India. So get ready for the below article on the Top 5 places for scuba diving in India.

Top 5 Places For Scuba Diving in India

1. Grande Island

Grande Island

Grande Island is the home of beaches in India that is Goa. It is in south Goa. The depth of the waters over here is around 7-20 meters. Interesting places over here are the sailing rock, Suzy’s wreck place, Turbo tunnel, Surge City, and many other places like this.

You can have the wonderful look of the blue waters lined with sand and surrounded by green trees. Also, there are some water animals such as dolphins, fishes, skates, sea turtles, and beautiful and colorful corals that are breathtaking.

Grande Island is a perfect place for divers and water sports lovers. You can take the equipment for scuba diving for rent from the nearby place on the island. If you are new to scuba diving then get lessons from the trained divers.

2. Light House

Light House

It is a place for all the scuba divers on Andaman Island. It is a slopped reef and is 6-20 meters filled with exciting corals and fishes.

Like there are some Fusiliers, Lionfish, octopus, Humpback Parrotfish, lobsters, and many corals. As the water is not too deep so it is open for all beginners and experienced scuba divers.

Also if you want to see and feel the water life when the sunset and the moon glow up in the sky then this place will not depress you. You can also try scuba diving at night.

So for all the adventure lovers, the lighthouse is the best place to try scuba diving and other water sports in the beautiful Andaman.

3. Manta Point

Manta Point

Manta point is a place for water sports lovers in Bangaram Lakshadweep. It is 10-25 meters deep. It is really beautiful with a divine stretch of waters and sand that is covered with beautiful green trees by its sides.

The reef top of the Mantas is 15 meters. Here you can find several fishes, corals, and water plants. Like big dog tooth tunas, napoleons, sharks, red bass and spangled emperor fish, guitar shark, angelfish, moral eels some beautiful group of corals, and many others.

This place is best for Scuba divers. So if you are desperate then just head towards Manta point.

4. The Wall

The Wall

The wall is a scuba diving spot on the Havelock island of Andaman. It is 10-55 meters deep and is located northwest of Havelock.

This place is suitable for beginners as well as experienced divers. At the wall, you will get to see some exciting water life such as Critters, Reef Fish, Hunting Pelagics, Fusiliers, Soft Corals, sweetlips, school of snappers, and many other things.

Also one may spot some Octopus, Scorpion Fish, Puffer Fish, Stone Fish, sea slugs, varieties of Nudibranchs and to name a few. For all the scuba divers this is a must-try place.

The beautiful experience of diving in the waters of the wall is unforgettable.

5. Netrani Island

Netrani Island

Netrani Island is located west coast of Murudeshwar Karnataka. The water is so clean that one can see inside it from a pretty distance.

It is 15-20 meters deep and one can see beautiful coral reefs and a good amount of fish. Like snappers, red tooth triggerfish, jacks, Indian bannerfish, Baraccuda, Napoleon warres, honeycomb moray eels, whales, stonefish, pufferfish, and many others.

Some scuba instructors will guide you in scuba diving if you are new to it. If you want a divine scuba diving experience then don’t think and head to the Netrani Island.

So, guys, I think you are surely amazed at the description of each scuba diving site and would like to experience diving at these places. I hope you will try one of the above sites for scuba diving. Thank you for reading and keep visiting for other interesting articles.

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