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Top 5 Opera Houses in World

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Top 5 Opera Houses in World: Hey guys welcome to another interesting article. Seeing a performance live is something special than seeing it as a recording. There is no other good place than an opera house to experience performances live in front of you. You get to see various arts performed with a good story, beautiful architecture resembling the culture of some country is a must watch thing. There are many Opera houses in world but in the following article I will be describing Top 5 Opera houses in world.

Top 5 Opera Houses in World

Opera Houses

1. Metropolitan Opera House

The Metropolitan opera House is situated in the beautiful Manhattan of New York city. This Opera House was started in 1883. At this opera house you will find renowned artist, singers, performers, directors and many others. Here you can enjoy performances in various languages like French, Italian, Russian, German and Czech. But if you are not able to understand these languages then you may find write it in other languages too. Other things that you can do here are visiting the Opera shop to look at some recordings, have a look at the famous Murals of Marc Changall’s.

Address:- Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, 30 Lincoln Center Plaza, New York, NY 10023, USA

2. Sydney opera House

The Sydney opera House is one of the famous opera house in Australia. The first thing that will stun you is the beautiful architecture of the Opera House. You can take a backstage tour to explore different stages from the backside. All you can do after this is eat the delicious meal from the Opera kitchen. If you have kids with you then go for junior opera tour. There you will find guides which will help you to explore the opera House and know the detailed history about the place.

Address: – Bennelong Point, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

3. Teatro alla Scala

Teatro alla Scala is an opera house in Milan Italy. This opera house was opened in 1778. Here you can see the theater museum, Livia Simoni library and the auditorium. Hire a guided tour so that you will be able to know the details of the performances and the opera House. Also explore the room of Maria Callas. Visit the La Scala museum to see the costumes, portraits and musical instruments of the artist who perform there. Other things what you can see are the beautiful portraits of Italian artists, bookshop, history of opera houses and to name a few.

Address: – Via Filodrammatici 2, 20121Milano Italy.

4. Palais Garnier

Palais Garnier is a famous Opera house in Paris France. Here you can explore many places. The auditorium is horseshoe shaped and it provides seating arrangement for the audience. Salon du glacier is a round room of which the ceiling is beautifully painted showing bacchantes. The library museum of the house is a place that one must surely visit. It has a wide collection of the history of the opera house. Here you can see paintings, photos, books and many other things too. Have a look at the backstage also.

Address: – 8 Rue Scribe, 75009 Paris, France

5. Royal opera House

The Royal Opera House is an opera House in the central London. Here one can enjoy both opera and ballet performances. You can see the auditorium and backstage also. Also you can have a look at the costume and light departments. You can see some opera, orchestra and ballet performances at the Royal Opera House. There is a restaurant where you can enjoy your favorite cuisine and relax a while. If you want to explore the detailed history and different parts of the opera House then hire a guide who will help you in doing so.

Address: – Bow St, London WC2E 9DD, UK

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Before you visit these opera houses check the availability for tickets. Book your tickets prior visiting to avoid inconvenience. So guys I hope you enjoyed reading the article. Thank you for reading and keep visiting.