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Top 5 Multinational Companies in India


Top 5 Multinational Companies in India: MNC’s, we all might have heard about it, may be in our schools, or from someone whom we know, and like we might be aware of it now. Basically there are lot of companies, that provide us great quality products and have settled a branch in India too, so let’s have a look at the best Multinational Companies of India, so let’s begin.

Top 5 Multinational Companies in India

1. Microsoft

Rated and Ranked as the best MNC Company in the world, Microsoft as a company has shown the world the best and the most perfect way to get integrated in a business and to be successful in it. The company has initially started up as a great and fabulous computer developer company, it  has now tool over the market in every single possible computing device, possible and this is what that actually makes it one of the best top 10 multinational companies in India.

2. IBM

IBM or fully said The International Business Machine with its official corporate headquarters that is set up in Armonk, New York is all set to get up with the the most from all up the countries across all over the world and they have also  been able up to collect up a huge amount of  turnover in the back few years in India as well and this thing has just made up them the popular among all the customers and rest of the public in a large scale.

3. Nokia Corporation

Nokia, a company which has maintained up the record of selling up the highest number of a single product in India and it is also among the others who have tried and been able to become up the popular and famed names in the lines of multinational companies. It has although in recent years faced some very critical conditions, apart from the popularity and name of the company it is still managing and it  still prevails in the India and is one which is ever hard to die.

4. PepsiCo

Although after the passing of 50 years, still Pepsi seems to be growing and growing a lot in a way that it had actually never ever done before and now probably it is actually what makes this particular company different, unique and makes it stand out among the rest. The company seems to be never be happy and satisfied with the success that it had and has always tried to work hard and aimed for more, more and more, which has made Pepsi a great success through out the nation.

5. Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd.

Having up about 45 marketing sites and nearly more than 3000 products, Ranbaxy is also the one that consists of over 30000 employees all over the world. Ranbaxy has served more than 150 markets worldwide and it is also one of the top and great MNC Companies when it comes to the home of pharmacy. This is possibly the only actual reason which obviously makes it stand in the list of 5th largest pharmacy company in the world.

So, here we end up with our list of “TOP 5 MNC’s IN INDIA” , we hope you get the relevant knowledge you might be looking for. We’ll see you up now with lots of more stuff of your interest. Thanks for Reading! Visit Again! Stay Tuned.