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Top 5 Most Popular Social Networking Sites


Top 5 Most Popular Social Networking Sites: Social Networking Sites, We all use it, may it be for chatting with our near and dear ones, or to have a video talk with our friends, or to share our thoughts to the whole world, these sites are loved by everyone as they give them the ease to express their feelings, people upload lots of pictures of their interest and likes and show it off to the world, basically social media sites are connecting and merging everyone at a single place, so today lets have a look at ” TOP 5 MOST POPULAR SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES”, let’s get started.

Top 5 Most Popular Social Networking Sites

1. Facebook

Many of us are already aware that Facebook is the top social network present on the web. its the beast of a social networking site on the web having a large number of somewhat about 2 billion monthly users that are active and a more than one billion that log on daily on the website (according to Facebook itself). The statistics shows that the very popular Facebook Messenge that consist of tons of cool features, is the second most popular app for messaging behind WhatsApp. Worldwide the people use Facebook individually and by joining themselves or setting up groups. After having a fail in taking over SnapChat in 2013. Facebook took over WhatsApp in 2014, so that it could maintain itself the one that is on the top of instant messaging.

2. Twitter

Twitter is most known as the real-time, public microblogging network where thr news are disscussed first. Most users are in love with it for its iconic 140-character limit and feed hat is unfiltered that shows them everything. Else than the Twitter Card integration, which now had made it easy to share all sorts of content relate to multimedia, you can too expect too see the algorithmic timelines coming to Twitter very soon.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is mainly used and for professionals. Anyone who is in search of connctions to grow up his career should have a profile on this site. Profilesalmost look sort of like extremely fined detailed resumes, with avaialble different sections for work experience, education, volunteer work, certifications, awards and all sorts of other relevant work-related information. Also the users can promoteup themselves and their respectibe businesses by making up good connections with other professionals present, by interacting in various group discussions, also by posting job ads, applying to jobs, publishing articles to LinkedIn pulse and much more.

4. Google+

Stratung in the early summers of 2011, Google+ became the fastest growing site on the internet. After failing for a numerous times already with the Google Buzz and Google Wave. It finally got success at creating something that stucked in peoples mind, kind of. No one actually really needed another clone for Facebook, so Google+ had and now also have always been widely in contrversy for being a social networking site that is used by nobody actually. In the end of year 2015, a brand new Google+ was launched out to put more pressure on its Communities and Collections features to help people differentiate the platform of a Google+ a bit more and give the existing users present on GOOGLE+ more of what they actually needed and wanted.

5. YouTube

Where do most of us visit to watch the most entertainment content available on the Internet? Its definitely obvious none other than YouTube. After Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine. From the popular music videos to personal vlogs and films, YouTube is a place that has it all.

Connecting and Merging the world, these social networks have bought people more closer. It’s easy to make friends on Facebook!