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Top 5 Cancer Treatment Hospitals in Delhi


Top 5 Cancer Treatment Hospitals in DelhiCancer treatment procedure is actually done up in the specialized hospitals and the patients that are undergoing this requires up a specialized care as well as the medication. It’s not actually a single disease, there are 200 types of different kinds of cancer and each one actually  require a different type of the treatment procedure. The Cancer treatment procedures include up the surgery, the chemotherapy, theradiotherapy, the hormonal therapy and yeah the biological therapy too. So here, we are lisitng the top 5 best cancer treatments hospitals in Delhi. Keep Reading!

Top 5 Cancer Treatment Hospitals in Delhi

1. AIIMS Delhi

The very popular and famed AIIMS is actually one of the best and the best hospitals in India for the treatment of cancer. The department of the Surgical Oncology in AIIMS basically offers up both of the outpatient and the inpatient services for the screening , the diagnosis and the treatment of the cancer patients . Their cancer department offers up both the minor and the major operation theater services including up the endoscopy for the various and different kinds of cancer. On an average of about 3,500 to 4000 minor and the major surgical procedures are to performed every single year.

2. Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center

The Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute is actually a great and a  nonprofit institution that basically fully dedicates up to treating up the cancer patients. You have up the patients coming up here to treat up  and actually eliminate up the cancer with some of the specialized treatment procedures. It basically has a team of the great and highly qualified and experienced oncology team who actually looks up into the treating of the patients. Apart from the Cancer care they also have a diverse research wing which actually looks up into finding up the cause, the symptoms and lastly and finally getting a cure for the disease.

3. Apollo Cancer Institute

The popular Indraprastha Apollo Hospital currently uses up the latest and the most advanced technology to the combat cancer. It’s great and amazing infrastructural facilities and the support services include up the cytology, the hematology, the clinical genetics the pathology, the flowcytometry, the hyperbaric oxygen unit, the histopathology. Some of the great radiology services including up the PET-CT, cath lab,the physiotherapy,the  blood bank and many more things. There is also a different Psycho-oncological counseling services that actually helps up the patients to be prepared up for the treatment and even help them to adjust and deal up with side effects.

4. Dharamshila Hospital

Dharamshila Cancer Foundation and Research Centre was actually be founded up in the year 1990 and up till the Institute Rotary Cancer Hospital  (I.R.C.H.)the treatment and the procedures are truly highly advanced and up to date. The very much trained medical professional provide up the  preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and the rehabilitative services for its needy patients. They also offer a full time Doctorate courses in the DNB Medical Oncology, the DNB Surgical Oncology and aPost Basic Diploma in Oncology Nursing.

5. Institute Rotary Cancer Hospital  (I.R.C.H.)

This particular center was actually started off in the year of 1983-84 with a very limited infrastructure but in the year 2003 it was actually been converted into a great 7 floor building with amazing and better facilities. It has a great and a highly qualified team that too working up with the most advanced technology for the treatment. The Radio therapy, intensity modulated up the radio therapy and the very advanced mammography are also used up at this great Cancer hospital. It was actually one of the very first hospitals to introduce up the hematopoietic stem cell bone marrow transplant programme.

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