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Top 5 Best Ways To Use Lavender Oil


Top 5 Best Ways To Use Lavender Oil: Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some exciting facts on The Top 5 best ways to use lavender oil. The flower Lavender is a short shrub that grows to be roughly 2 feet tall, and it is native to the Mediterranean. The distinct, fresh scent of the Lavender, comes from the plant’s flowers and which is where the essential oil is coming from the Lavender falls under the chemical compound group that is known as esters, these typically characterized for their calming properties. The main chemical components of the Lavender oil are Linalool and linalyl acetate. Here are The Top 5 best-known ways to use the lavender oil.

Top 5 Best Ways To Use Lavender Oil

1. Improve the Complexion

Due to its anti-bacterial properties, the lavender oil is a most effective treatment for the acne that also helps to balance sebum production and to improve your complexion. Add some lavender oil to an all-natural cleanser or the moisturizer to help clear up your acne and reduce scarring. A few drops of the lavender oil added to a carrier oil can help to alleviate the itching and dryness caused by eczema. The same can be used to soothe the minor rashes and other skin irritations like those produced by the excessive heat and humidity.

2. Insect Repellent

Many of the flying insects dislike the smell of the lavender, which is making it a safe alternative to the other topical insect repellents. The Plant lavender around your windows and doors to prevent bugs from the entering your house. Hang bags of the dried lavender in closets in the drawers to repel moths. Rub on the skin infected with burrowing mites, then follow up daily by treating your skin with a mixture of the lavender oil and rubbing alcohol. Just sprinkle lavender oil on a mattress to ward off the insects in the bedroom.

3. Alleviate the Pain

The Lavender oil can be used to soothe your pain from the minor burns, cuts, and bruises. So, just rub a few drops of the lavender oil on and around the wounded skin to promote circulation and healing. Massage the lavender oil into your sore muscles to calm the pain and ease tension or add a few drops to an Epsom salt bath for a pain-relieving soak. Massage the lavender oil into the temples, behind the jaw, and on your forehead to soothe a headache. Gently rub a lavender oil onto the abdomen then follow up with a hot compress to ward off the menstrual cramps. Apply the color oil to insect bites or stings to alleviate your pain and itching.

4. Sleep Aid

The Lavender oil in the bedroom can help you to sleep better. Just add some lavender oil to a diffuser to beat insomnia. Add a couple of the drops of lavender to a baby’s evening bath to help with the sleep. Alternately, you can sprinkle a few drops onto a favorite blanket for the similar effect. Blend the dried lavender with your favorite tea to brew yourself a relaxing bedtime beverage.

5. Reverse of Hair Loss

The Lavender oil is beneficial for days as a part of a stimulating scalp massage which can help to regrow your hair. While this treatment is slow but sometimes it is taking a several months or more. It is a proven natural remedy for your hair loss. So, use this oil to prevent the hair loss and gaining more hair.

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