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Top 5 Best Restaurants in Kathmandu


Top 5 Best Restaurants in Kathmandu: Hey friends thanks for landing on my article and if you are looking for best restaurant in Kathmandu then I have collected the Top 5 Best Restaurants in Kathmandu for you. You will definitely going to love these Restaurants with their amazing food. These restaurant will not going to disappoint you and must visit restaurants if you are in Kathmandu.

Top 5 Best Restaurants in Kathmandu

1. Dwarika’s Hotel

Dwarika’s sits on a busy road but, once inside the doors, you’d not know it. As Kathmandu rumbles by in a cloud of dust and the blare of car horns (despite the recent ban) the calm oasis of quiet, courteous service exists behind the wall. The rooms are spacious and well-appointed. Sunken bath, separate shower, comprehensive supply of toiletries in the bathroom. Huge four-poster bed, cable TV. There’s nothing to want for. There are a numbers of restaurants, a bar, and a pool. Authentic Newari cuisine in a banquet from 6 to 22 courses (I had the 16 course and almost collapsed!) and a very good buffet breakfast with to-order eggs and other goodies.

2. The Old House

Probably one of Kathmandu’s best kept secrets. The atmosphere of the place is superb… It’s an exotic decorated restaurant with great food at very reasonable prices and located in one of the city’s nicest avenues. It’s definitely a place to visit for a casual or fine dining experience. The Old House is a wonderful place to stay till late or hang out with some beers or cocktails, and for sure, you can enjoy the music and chill out without any noise of vehicle horns from the street. Yes the food might be more expensive than some of the other places in Kathmandu but if you are looking for good food this is the place to go.

3. The Chimney Restaurant

The Chimney offers a wide range of continental cuisines… the 1976 cozy setup with its intricately carved wooden doors and windows still welcome anyone who comes to socialize. The Chimney Restaurant (TCR) is located within the Yak & Yeti Hotel in Kathmandu. A very excellent restaurant with an emphasis of European, French and Russian cuisine. Boris Lissanevitch, famous Russian ballet dancer founded this restaurant in the mid 1980’s, renamed the Hotel to Yak & Yeti from his earlier acquisition of the 1950s. The TCR stands on its own, quite charming and old world.

4. Krishnarpan Restaurant

It is for those who want to enjoy Nepalese cousin in courses with your partner, family or friends. You get your personal menu and the taste of Nepal starts coming in rounds. Some food come from the Newari tradition but is eaten by all Nepalese on a day to day basis. The food is simple not very spicy and comes from Dwarika’s organic farms. Perfect for those visiting Nepal and want to know the food culture. The Ambient is peaceful and relaxing. It you are in Nepal the please visits this awesome restaurant.

5. Le Sherpa

This is one of the must visit place is open space with outdoor seating and limited indoor seating. Sitting outdoors, under a high ceiling, during the light rain that eve restaurants when in Kathmandu. Dinner here will become your great experience- you almost forget that you are in Kathmandu. The food tastes great, and is relatively cheap compared to other fine-dining experiences in Kathmandu. The restating was gorgeous. If you’re visiting Kathmandu it’s a must if you want clean, fresh and modern food.

So guys what are you waiting for pack your bags and visit Nepal with these awesome Top 5 Best Restaurants in Kathmandu. If this info helpful for you then share this article with your friends and family.