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Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Bangalore


Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Bangalore: Bangalore, a planned city, basically famous for its planned infrastructure, and the cleanliness. May it be the food, the culture, the tradition or anything, Bangalore is purely awesome, as it serves with great places to explore, so today in this article, we’ve listed some places that we feel our the best if you’re thinking to go out to explore Majestic BANGALORE aka BENGALURU.

Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Bangalore

1. Tipu Sultan Fort

Best Places to Visit in Bangalore

Situated in the most crowd market of the city, This Fort represents the great artistic talent that urged in the past. This fort was originally built by Kempegowda in the early years in 1537 using the mud bricks. After, It was then modified and extended by Haider Ali, who made the use of granite stones in the process. It was actually Tipu Sultan who truly completed it during the year 1791 and then the fort served as his summer retreat.

2. Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens

Best Places to Visit in Bangalore

This garden actually know as the Lal Bagh Botanical Garden is one of the most beautiful botanical gardens you’d look out and find in India. Constructed and built by popular Haider Ali, later it was then modified by none other than Tipu Sultan. The Glass House built up in the gardens is truly inspired by the Crystal Palace of London. Spreader across a land of 240 acres, this botanical garden has almost above 1800 species of plants, herbs and trees. The clock in the lawn of the garden is the first of its kind in India.

3. Bangalore Palace

Best Places to Visit in Bangalore

This Palace was actually constructed by Chamaraja Wodeyar in the early year of 1800’s actually in 1884 and he had the inspiration to built it from the Windsor Castle of England. Located at the Center of Bangalore, the Tudor style construction in the palace has Gothic windows, woodcarvings and turrets, which gives it a stand proof of the stunning architecture while the period. This land of about 430 acres that holds the palace has beautiful gardens. The palace is now also used to conduct up exhibitions and some concerts too.

4. Nandi Hills

Best Places to Visit in Bangalore

Nandi Hills is also one of the most perfect location to feel one with nature. Situated about 60 km away from the city, this is one of the hill stations are up to Bangalore having solid monolithic granite mass that gives the best view. The rivers such as Palar and Arkavathi originate from here. This hill got his name from the renowned Nandi temple, which is located aka situated at the top of the hill. This hill is situated 1478 meters above the sea level. The climate at the hill is quiet pleasant and hence any time is the right time to visit and enjoy.

5. Cubbon Park

Best Places to Visit in Bangalore

This park know as Cubbon Park is spreader in 300 acres of land. It was actually built by Richard Sankey who was mainly the Chief Engineer of the city Mysore. The fresh green parks and the beautiful lawns that are well maintained needs up special mentions. Cubbon offers a beautiful path to walk away. This park is a perfect place for you to be during your exciting holiday tour. It truly deserves to be called as the Paradise aka Heaven for walker. Statues of some popular famed personalities are also situated here.

So, here we give an end to the best places to get a picturesque of in the majestic city Bangalore, do visit them all if you’re on a vacation to Bengaluru. We hope to see you again on our platform, we’ll deliver you such amazing articles soon on our site. Thanks! Stay Tuned.

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