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Top 5 Best Places for Rock Climbers in India


Top 5 Best Places for Rock Climbers in India: Rock Climbing an adventurous task, a task which is liked by most of the people because of its specialty of being an event that is challenging and hard. Rock Climbing is mostly famous in countries like America etc. What about India? Are there any spots for rock climbers in India to Rock Climb on, here we present the list of such destinations. Let’s begin.

Top 5 Best Places for Rock Climbers in India

1. Parvati Valley – Himachal Pradesh

This valley is a very very very dangerous and a rocky valley of the hevaenly state of India Himachal Pradesh and is characterized by lots of alpine flower plants and the rocky outcrops. Mica is also found in a great amount of number in this Pravati Valley. The lots of rocky outcrops confirms that one can get a sample opportunity for the task of rock climbing. The place is a haven for backpackers and though also has a favorite trekking location too. People gather up and crowd up to the valley just to enjoy and to take part in the favorite rock climbing expeditions held after small halts in the region of Himachal.

2. Miyar valley – Himachal Pradesh

Situated in the mid heart of the great mountains of, this valley is a definite choice for rock climbers of India as well as abroad. Miyar valley is also popularly known as the valley of flowers. The Lush forests, beautiful peaks covered with snow, the feisty rivers, and tiny villages are the major highlights of this valley beside the rock climbing peaks. This valley also borders with Zanskar and ladakh, that are another major regions for trekking and camping. The Miyar valley is a true valley that is essence, breathtaking and beautiful, and rock climbing in such an ideal conditional spot is obviously something one shouldn’t miss out.

3. Sar Pass – Himachal Pradesh

There is a great opportunity for rock climbers and rappelled in the picturesque of the SAR pass trekking routes. The trails of Sar Pass are quiet beautiful and the scenes are truly breathtaking. There is snow everywhere you see, but that doesn’t stops up the hard core rock climbers to come here every single year and indulge up theirselves in the trip of their lifetime! Trekking is carried out a quick frequently here, and the main and major reason for that is the opportunity available for you to rock climb up in the area.

4. Shey Rock – Jammu & Kashmir

A delightful place for mountaineers, the rock region of Leh is a perfect blend for rock climbing in the hot summers. It is the only peak in current that is to be climbed in Leh and thus there are a lot of travelers and visitors who try in the basic rock climbing at least, when in the region. The localities nearby too would help you and guide you in getting up the hang of true rock climbing and though, the experience of this whole is lot of fun! The formation od the rocks here are very unique and beautiful and thus amateurs also can give a try for rock climbing here.

5. Madhugiri – Karnataka

Madhugiri aka Maddagiri, is situated in the Tumkur town of Karnataka. It is also popular for its many giant rocks available, which can be seen up from the town. Although, rock climbing is a fun thrill here. There is also a fort here that is truly nestled in one of the available steep slopes. Amazingly, the giant rock is the second largest and biggest monoliths in the whole Asia. Madhugiri makes the climbers and yeah the mountaineers too feel all the way more special and special to rock climb here. Do visit here and enjoy a wonderful and thrilling experience of rock climbing that too full of excitement.

May it be the professional rock climbers or the ordinary peoples, rock climbing is a ting to give a try for sure. We listed up the best places to rock climb in India, do visit and give this thrilling and exciting task a try. We’ll see you soon with articles of your interest ahead, thanks for your presence, do visit again.