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Top 5 Best Destinations for Cycling Vacations Around the World


Top 5 Best Destinations for Cycling Vacations Around the WorldHello Guys, we are back again, and this time with a Interesting topic “CYCLING” we all do physical exercises etc. ,  but cycling is one such which helps us in the same manner but without our acknowledgement. We all do cycling in our day to day life and that doesn’t let us know that we actually are doing a physical exercise.

In simple words, HOME GYMING. So today we are here with a list of “TOP 5 BEST DESTINATIONS FOR CYCLING VACATIONS AROUND THE WORLD” that will help you in cycling at the best spots in the world.

Top 5 Best Destinations for Cycling Vacations Around the World

1. New England

Pedal smugly past the coach parties as you do your own thing on a cycling holiday in New England’s answer to the Lake District. Quiet back roads dotted with peaceful villages and views of mountains, lakes and ocean: New England is the perfect cycling destination. Throughout the states, abandoned railway lines are now cycle routes. There are also trails in conservation areas. Many of the larger New England ski resorts also offer mountain biking trails and rentals during the warmer months. So, choose your style and degree of difficulty; then watch for wildlife and enjoy terrific views along the way!

2. Gozo, Malta

Soothe aching muscles in the hot tub at one of Europe’s leading spas as part of a Headwater cycling holiday on Gozo. One of the wonderful things about cycling in Gozo is that it’s a great way to explore all 67 km sq (26 square miles) of the island. You can choose how far you go in a day and can stop to sightsee whenever you like. Gozo also now has a new cycle route that goes all the way round the island – simply follow the signs for the SIBIT (Sustainable Interregional Bike Tourism) project. This comprises a network of cycle routes run jointly by the Maltese islands and Sicily. Gozo’s SIBIT routes take in most of the island’s main landmarks and 14 villages.

3. Tenerife, Spain

Bradley Wiggins underwent several weeks of intensive training in Tenerife prior to the Olympics, following roads that take you from sea level right up to 2,500 meters. Yes, when you think of cycling in Tenerife, the first thing that comes to your mind is Teide. But there really is so much more that the island has to offer. The Teno and Anaga Massifs are home to some spectacular and epic climbs with average gradients in double digits. Don’t be surprised if you definition of suffering on the bike changes forever.

4. Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is a very small place, so if you are going somewhere and you are in a hurry, you can get there in a surprisingly short amount of time – even on a bicycle. You can also spend several hours cycling around in circles, exploring the little side-roads and trails and can be found all over the island. With beautiful on and off-road routes around the Island you will get the chance to see areas hidden away from car drivers and really experience the Manx countryside during your holiday. If you want to bring your own bike over you can do so when you travel to the Island by ferry. Alternatively you can rent a bike from one of the local shops for a few days when you arrive. For people traveling alone, looking for a fitness challenge during a short break, or for families who enjoy making cycling and seeing unique sites part of a longer visit, the Isle of Man will fill your holiday with plenty of cycling fun.

5. Elbe Trail, Germany

Get on your bicycle and set off on a journey guided by the majestic Elbe River. Head to the valleys of the mystic and imposing Krkonoše Mountains and continue through vast lowlands, past medieval towns, unique rock formations and places shrouded in myths and legends. On the Elbe Route you will be able to enjoy beautiful scenery, history and architecture whilst pedalling from Germany to the Czech Republic and back. A great cycling experience starts right here in the Krkonoše Mountains together with the Elbe.

So, here we end up with all the Adventurous Destinations for Cycling in the world, we are damn sure you might be feeling to take out your bicycle and go on a long vacation, cycling on these destinations. Thanks for Reading, Do Visit Again.