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Top 5 Attractive Places to Visit in Kazakhastan


Top 5 Attractive Places to Visit in KazakhastanThe amazing splendor of this particular nation is actually what inspired this compilation of the best places to visit in Kazakhstan before you actually die. Ranked up as one of the world’s biggest and largest landlocked nation, Kazakhstan stretches out from the Siberia up to the hot deserts in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan and from the great Caspian Sea to China. The country is also perfectly covered up by 5 climatic zones and 2 time zones.

Kazakhstan actually offers you everything you could actually hope for in a great and tremendous travel destination, which also includes up the mountain tops, the glaciers, coniferous woods, large rocky canyons, the pristine mountain lakes and the amazing rivers among the many others. In this country, the tourists can get up recreation opportunities throughout the whole year. To make up your vacation more active and joyful, consider up taking the eco-tourism. So, now let’s begin up with the article.

Top 5 Attractive Places to Visit in Kazakhastan

1. Semipalatinsk

Located nearby Siberia, The Semipalatinsk was once a very important Russian location of the exile. This was where the famous and popular writer and novelist the Dostoyevsky lived in the early 18th century. This house has been well maintained and preserved and the tourists can visit up this location to check out the notes for his famous and beautiful works, including The Idiot, The Crime and Punishment. There are also many other museums available in the area, which also includes up the History Museum and the Abai Kunanbaev.

2. Mangystau Region

This particular place is a great and an eminent location as the best area of the country Kazakhstan that is actually rich in the matter of gas, construction materials, and oil. The local people call up this spot as the place of  tourism as it has a great and rich cultural tradition along with numerous of recreation resources. Some of the best hotels in Kazakhstan are too found here.

3. Taraz

The popular and great town of Taraz has been in presnece for more than over two centuries. The town happily celebrated reaching up 2,000 years in the year 2001 and was also recognized up by the UNESCO. The Aisha Bibi and the Babaji mausoleums, situated outside the city are some of the greatest masterpieces of the antique architecture. UNESCO also has listed those of the 2 venues as the world architectural scarcities.

4. Baikonur Cosmodrome

This particular center holds up the record of the largest and the oldest functioning space launch center. It is situated in the vast Kazakhstan desert steppes. In fact,the Russia’s space exploration is also usually launched up from this center. To visit up this particular location, you only need to give 45 days’ notice in prior. There are also some of the special travel agencies that can also  help you arrange up the visits to this space launch center.

5. Astana

Astana is the second biggest and largest city in Kazakhstan which is currently experiencing a financial boom with the great building projects. It was actually once a very small mining town, but as of now, today the town is filled up with several stores, restaurants, discotheques, and many coffee houses. The old and the new modern places have now become the key of attractions for the visitors. Key attractions here included the Duman aquarium and the Bayterek tower.

Here, we give an end to the attractions of Kazakhstan, hope you enjoyed reading this article, we’ll see you soon with tons of more articles on our platform. Thanks for your presence, Stay Tuned.