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Top 10 Best Voice Recorder Apps for Android 2017


Top 10 Best Voice Recorder Apps for Android 2017: The Talented Musicians  may want up to record up a great and a new idea, journalists too  need up to record up their interviews, and some of them even set it up to see up if they talk up in their sleep. The great news is that you actually don’t have to go up and actually buy up a great voice recorder up from a someplace like the great Amazon or a good Walmart anymore. Your amazing smartphone is actually great and perfectly capable of handling up it for you! So, here are back  with the list of best voice recorder apps for Android!

Top 10 Best Voice Recorder Apps for Android 2017

1. Audio Recorder

Audio Recorder is actually amongst one of the great and more simple up and easy up to use voice recorder apps. Don’t let its ease of use the all fool you, though. It’s very much actually pretty up fun of the very little recorder. Its actually a big and a major draw is that it  basically supports up a couple of the actual microphones that are actually capable of recording up some of the quiet pretty decent audio.

2. Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder basically aims up to do up exactly what its actual name suggests up. Thankfully, it does that task quiet pretty well. You basically have open up the app, hit up the mic button, record up, share up as much as needed, and then close up the app. It actually also has a great and few additional features, like the amazing ability to change up like what kind of the file type you basically record up to. It also has up a widget support.

3. Evernote

Evernote is basically a great note taking app, but it also has up a great and amazing voice recording functionality. This is a very much great option for the people like the talented musicians, the college students, and the other areas where up taking a simple recording and then writing up some of the notes about it can be very much helpful. Simply record up the audio as being up normal, then construct up your own note around it, and then it’ll be saved up for there for the easy up recall.

4. Google Keep

Google Keep is now another note taking app that actually supports up voice recording. The great and clear up voice recordings can’t be overly long or actual ornate, but it’s actually still up a very much good option if you actually and basically need up something more quick and very much simple.

5. Hi-Q

Hi-Q is actually yet one of the great and  more powerful voice recorder apps that are actually available up right now. It basically records up in the format of MP3 so it can be played up on the virtually every single device up out there. Along with that, you can also have it up upload automatically that to the Dropbox if you basically want up to once of the greatest recording is actually done.

6. RecForge II

RecForge II is also one of the among and yeah also the most powerful voice recorder apps out there. It basically has up a great plethora of the features, including up the pitch control, the gain control, the tempo control, and yeah actually much more. It’s basically one of the great and better ones for the longer of the recordings and yeah especially up for most of the  stuff like the music or the lecture recordings.

7. Smart Voice Recorder

Smart Voice Recorder is also an app that basically was specifically made up for the very long-term recording. Some of the most used up cases for basically this one can be up the  recording things that you actually say up in your sleep, the lectures at the school, or even up at the band practice.

8. Snipback

Snipback is yet one of a different kind of app. Like the most of the great voice recorder apps, it also performs up the great basics. You’ll also be very much able to record up the stuff, upload it actually if it need to be, and manage up the whole of the files. It basically also has some of the other basic features like the clear audio quality selections, the recording duration selections, and a great noise reduction filter.

9. Voice Recorder

Thankfully, Voice Recorder is also one of the  better app than its bland name that would actually imply. It is basically a great and fully featured app that basically likes up to keep it great and more simple. You’ll also be up able to record up in the PCM (Wave), AAC, and AMR which actually gives you up a great and good and much variety of options.

10. Titanium Recorder

Next now we present up you a very great and clear Titanium Recorder, being an another free android voice recorder app. The very much best quality of this app is that it is like completely much more free while be at the very same time that too not having any kind of ads, and no-ads policy developers have decided up for will make up a great and lot of the users of this app are very much satisfied.

Here, we listed the best we got, write down if we missed out some of the best ones according upto you. Hope to see you again on our platform. Thanks for Reading!