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The Real Name of Ghost Rider in Mexico: Mexican Identity & Origin Story

The Real Name of Ghost Rider in Mexico: Mexican Identity & Origin Story

Ghost Rider in Mexico: Ghost Rider, one of Marvel Comics’ most famous antiheroes, is known for his flaming head, hellcycle and overpowering ability called “Penance stare.” However, there are still many questions about his origins and identity. The most common question is whether Ghost Rider is Mexican, and what is his real name. This is the perfect opportunity to tell the origin story of the Ghost Rider and all the different identities that he has worn over the years.


Since the character’s introduction, two versions of Ghost Rider have been Mexican. Alejandra Jones, and Robbie Reyes were their names. Alejandra Jones was trained from childhood to be the Spirit of Vengeance’s recipient, while Robbie Reyes gained the power after a fatal car race changed his life. Yes, there were some Mexican Ghost Riders.

After we established that both Ghost Riders were Mexicans, it is time to examine their origins and the events which led them to become this iconic Marvel character. Stay with us to learn more!

Alejandra Jones is the first female Ghost Rider, and the fourth character who has carried the name Ghost Rider.
Alejandra Jones made her debut in Ghost Rider Vol 7 No. 1, released in 2011. Her story began with a tragic fate. She was born as the daughter to a Mexican woman and a human-trafficker in Nicaragua. She spent the majority of her childhood as a member of the cult. As you can see Alejandra Jones was Mexican. She will move to the United States soon for a while, but we will discuss this later.

Alejandra was raised in Adam’s cult, which trained future vessels to receive the Spirit of Vengeance. Alejandra, who was selected to receive the Spirit of Vengeance after Johnny Blaze’s selfless sacrifice, assumed the Ghost Rider mantle.

She was sent to her first mission, which was to battle Skadi the daughter of Red Skull. However, she was overpowered. Alejandra was involved in the plot involving Mephisto and Adam. She also had to deal with the souls innocents. Johnny Blaze, who was King of Hell at the time, would also assume that position.

Alejandra eventually lost most of her abilities because she was selfish. Even after Alejandra returned the Spirit of Vengeance to Johnny Blaze, she still carried some of its remnants. Alejandra took on the identity of Guardian Fantasma after losing the Spirit.

What happened to Alejandra jones?

The Real Name of Ghost Rider in Mexico: Mexican Identity & Origin Story

Carnage attacked Alejandra’s village, which she had protected as Guardian Fantasma. Carnage was too powerful for Alejandra, and she died by Carnage despite the presence of Danny Ketch. For a time, a portion of Alejandra’s Spirit of Vengeance merged with Carnage.

Robbie Reyes, the current Ghost Rider is also Mexican.
Robbie Reyes made his debut in the The All-New Ghost Rider # 1 in 2014, and is currently the owner of this iconic character. Robbie Reyes is a Mexican-born man, despite being born and raised in East Los Angeles. Robbie Reyes is the second Mexican Ghost Rider after Alejandra Jones who was born to a Mexican mother.

Robbie Reyes was responsible for his younger brother. Robbie Reyes knew his neighborhood, Hillrock Heights was dangerous and not a good place to raise children. He wanted to move his brother and himself somewhere safer and better.

Robbie, who was a mechanic at the time, did not have enough money to provide a better future for him and his brother. He decided to enter the race. It was worth 50 000 dollars, just enough to relocate to a better neighborhood.

How did Robbie Reyes turn into Ghost Rider?

Robbie stole a car from the car shop where he was working. He did not know that the “Spirit of Vengeance”, which possessed the vehicle, was present.

After a while, he realized that he had been followed. Robbie thought that the police followed him. He immediately thought of his younger brother who would be left in the dangerous neighborhood if Robbie ended up in jail. Robbie attempted to flee but ended up in a dead-end.

The attackers, who he thought were police, shot him as he knelt to surrender. The attackers left him to die and then set fire to the car. The unthinkable occurred, and Robbie, instead of dying, was transformed into a demon entity that took revenge on the attackers.

He thought everything was an illusion when he woke, until he changed again. He will discover that the spirit Eli is in control of him. Eli was the one who owned the Double Charger Robbie rode the night before he died. The two became Ghost Riders when they bonded. Eli, however, was not the Spirit Of Vengeance. Robbie will later be bound by the true version.

Robbie has supernatural abilities, but he uses them to make money for his brother and to improve his life.

You can see that two Ghost Riders are Mexicans, Alejandra Reyes and Robbie Jones. Their ethnicity and heritage played a major role in the stories of both. While Alejandra’s tale seems to be finished for the moment, we look forward to Robbie Reyes’ new adventures with the Avengers.