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The Mystical Darien Pass


In Central America, there is a region called the Darién Gap, which is located in the Darién Province of Panama. The region is made up of a large watershed, mountains, and forests.

El agua le llego a la barbilla

In the Darien y Bayano region, there are two different indigenous groups: the nonama, and the choco. The Choco is the group of people who are native to the area, and it has its own language.

The nonama, or nonama-kubure, are also indigenous to the Darien y Bayano area. They live in the valley of the Bayano River, and speak their own embera-bedea language.

Some of the things you can see in the rainforest are pellizcos, flancos, danta, oso hormiguero, and guayuco. The rainforest is home to numerous kinds of tropical insects, venenoso reptiles, and monos of various types.

Among the flora in the rainforest, you can see the arboles of thirty to forty meters high, which dominate the tropical bosque. Their dense foliage provides constant penumbra in the forest.

La ninita llamo a su madre

Darien has been a notorious destination for organized crime. It is also a deadly migration route. Thousands of migrant workers and drug traffickers have travelled through the azule-lined path to the United States.

The Department of Homeland Security recently announced that it would not allow venezolanos to enter the US. In the meantime, social media has become a powerful amplification for the Darien route. And the New York Times isn’t shy about highlighting the most important facts.

A small nina in a photo. But what is the real story?

This tiny nina is not only the most popular nina in the history of Darien, but she is also the most photographed. Her mother, Maribel Villacres, traveled to the border with her three children. She left Ecuador on November 29. Although she and her family have been in Panama for three days, they have not seen their daughter for thirty-one days.

El grupo se disperso luego de llegar a Panama

The first UPU congress was held in Etiopia in 1959. The meeting was held by 192 countries. It was addressed to discuss topics such as the reform of the previsions system, the contribution of the member states to the UPU, and the stability of the system. Gerardo Gonzalez was president of the congress, and Roberto Cavanna was secretary general of the UPAEP.

At the time of the UPU congress, the Union Postal of the Americas organized preparations for the event. Presidente Roosevelt wrote a letter to George Shattuck Morison. He requested the Commission to present a supplemental report.

Afterwards, Presidente Roosevelt convened the members of the Commission Walker. They voted to support the Panama route. However, he wanted the Commission to accept the French offer.

After the vote, the Commission changed its decision. In addition, Roosevelt sent acorazados to both sides of the canal. These acorazados would patrol the waterways to prevent acercamientos from occurring by sea.

La gloria de Dios, gigante y sagrada

The Darien Route is an iconic route that has been around for a while. However, social media has made the journey a more accessible experience.

Hundreds of millions of people are planning on crossing this mystical pass in the next 20 years. This is the route of choice for migrants from the Caribbean, Central and South America.

The Darien route is not for the faint of heart, and many of its ardent followers make the trip in a matter of days. One such family was recently separated from their mother, a single mother of three.

Her young daughter Sarah is on the way to a better life in the U.S. and her younger sister Alexandra is not far behind. Luckily, they have an unassuming guide. Despite their plight, they managed to reach their destination in October.

El infierno de los migrantes

There are thousands of people trapped in the Darien wilderness. They are attempting to cross into Panama. However, the path is dangerous. The crossing is difficult and the migrant’s life is at risk. It is also a place of great danger to the migrant’s children. Many of them are victims of animal attacks or infartos.

The Darien wilderness is also a place of organized crime. Several of the ‘coyotes’ are transnational mafias. These groups pay migrant guides to use their routes.

For decades, the Darien wilderness has been used for illegal drug trafficking. It has been a source of refuge for armed groups. In addition, the Darien Pass is considered one of the most dangerous migration routes in the world. People who survive it are prone to tropical diseases.