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The Boy Who Went to Heaven: The Inspiring Story of Colton Burpo


Colton burpo’s story has inspired millions of hearts around the globe. At four years old, he underwent a life-altering event that sent him on an incredible journey to heaven and back again. Through his example, many have found faith, love, and hope in this life as well as in death and beyond.


Colton Burpo

Colton’s journey to heaven began when he fell seriously ill with appendicitis. During surgery to remove his appendix, complications arose and he was rushed to the hospital. During the operation, Colton experienced a near-death experience which marked the beginning of an incredible journey.

The Journey

Colton’s account of his journey to heaven is truly extraordinary. He met Jesus Christ, saw angels, and encountered relatives who had passed away before his birth. Furthermore, Colton got a glimpse of both heaven and hell as well as the spiritual battle that exists between them.

Colton’s Encounter with Jesus

Colton’s encounter with Jesus changed him more than anything else in heaven. According to Colton, Jesus was kind, loving, and gentle as He took Colton on his lap and showed him the wounds on His hands and feet as a reminder of His compassion for mankind. This encounter left Colton with an entirely new outlook on life, love, and death – an epiphany that remains with him to this day.

Impact of the Story

Colton’s story has had a profound effect on millions around the globe, providing hope to those struggling with grief, pain, and loss. It also helped people recognize the value of faith, love, and optimism and reminded us that life is more than what meets the eye.


The story of Colton Burpo will continue to inspire generations to come. It reminds us that heaven exists and death does not mark the end of life. His journey from Heaven back down has given many people hope and a renewed purpose in living; it should be shared with everyone who needs encouragement, love, or inspiration in their life.

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